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Defining Advertising Goals for

Measured Advertising Results
• It is basically an approach to advertising
planning and a precise method for selecting
and quantifying goals and for using those
goals to measure performance.

• An advertising objective involves a

communication task, intended to create
awareness, impart information, develop
attitudes or induce action.
Communication Process in DAGMAR
• The model suggests that before the
acceptance of a product by an individual,
there is a series of mental steps which the
individual goes through.
• Awareness of the existence of a product or
organization is necessary before the purchase
behavior can be expected. Once the awareness
has been created in the target audience, it should
not be neglected.
• Awareness needs to be created, developed,
refined or sustained, according to the
characteristics of the market and the particular
situation facing an organization at any one point
of time.
Awareness Grid


HIGH Sustain current Refine awareness

level of awareness
LOW Build awareness Create association
quickly of awareness of
product with
product class need
• Parle G ad that talks about it being the largest
seller “ Duniya ka sabse Zyada bikne waala
biscuit”. Parle G as a brand already enjoys
high levels of awareness and requires low
involvement decision, thus communication is
mainly intended to refine awareness.
• When coils were popular in use and then the
different repellants entered the market,
awareness had to be created about their
benefits and use.
• In attempting to persuade people to try a
different brand of water, it may be necessary
to compare the product with other mineral
water products and provide an additional
usage benefit, such as environmental claims.
The ad of Ganga mineral water, featuring
Govinda, which banked on the purity aspect.
They related the purity of the water with that
of river Ganga.
• Awareness on its own may not be sufficient to
stimulate a purchase. Knowledge about the
product or the organization is necessary. This
can be achieved by providing specific
information about key brand attributes.
• Thumbs Up featured the reward of social
acceptance as ‘grown up’. It almost hinted that
those who preferred other drinks were kids.
• The next step is to establish a sense of conviction.
By creating interest and preference, buyers are
moved to a position where they are convinced
that a particular product in the class should be
tried at the next opportunity. To do this,
audience’s beliefs about the product have to be
moulded and this is often done through
messages that demonstrate the product’s
superiority over a rival or by talking about the
rewards as a result of using the product.
• Use of toll free numbers, direct mail activities
and reply cards and coupons.
• Tupperware, Aqua Guard, are famous in
Indian cities as a result of its personal selling
• Communication must finally encourage buyers
to engage in purchase activity. Advertising can
be directive and guide the buyers into certain
behavioral outcomes.
• For high involvement decisions, the most
effective tool in the communication mix at this
stage in the hierarchy is personal selling.
Through the use of interpersonal skills, buyers
are more likely want to buy a product if
personal prompting is absent.
Characteristics of Objectives
• Concrete and measurable

• Target audience

• Specified time period

• Written Goal