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When a brand new computer comes off the factory assembly

line, it can do nothing. The hardware needs sofware to make it
work. Are talking about applications software such as
wordprocessing or spreadsheet software? Party. But an
application software package does not communicate directly with
the hardware. Between application software and the hardware is
a software interface as operating system. An operating system is a
set of programs that lies between applications software and the
computer hardware.
The most important program is the operating system. The
program that manages the operating system is the supervisor
program, most of which remains in memory and is thus refered to
as resident. The supervisor controls the entire operating system
and load into the memory other operating system programs
(called nonresident) from disk storage only as needed.
Operating system has three main functions: (1) manage
the computer’s resources, such as the central
processing unit, memory, disk drives, and printers.(2)
establish a user interface, and (3) excute and provide
services for application software. Keep in mind ,
however, that much of the work of operating system is
hidden from the user. In particular, the first listed
function, managing the computer’s resoucers, and
taken care of without the user being aware of the
details. Futhermore, all input and output operations,
although onvoked by applicatin program, are actually
carried out by operating system.
Anwer the following question
1. What is the difference between applications
software and operating system?
2. What is the supervisor program the most important
operating system program?
3. What is resident?
4. What is non resident?
5. What are the main functions of an operating system?

With open source software, what do people think

about first?Money, usually, because open source software
is free. But this isn’t the only important thing. First, there is
a freedom from the software vendors. Organisations say
that the freedom is the number one reason to choose
open source software.with open source software, an
organisation does not have to follow the software
vendor’s decision.With proprietary software the vendor
controls software updates.For eaxmple, users can’t add
featuresto proprietary software themselves but they can
add features source software.
Also with open source software companies have
more control of the data,Proprietary software
often stores data in special ways that only the
vendor understands. So,when a company wants
to change another vendor’s software. Moving
the data to new software can be very difficult.
Open source software is different: open source
software vendors explain their data clearly and
openly so that there are not secret. Because of
this ,moving data isn’t a problem.
Sometimes people worry about open source operating
systems. They think that their favorite software won’t
run on open source operating system. However, this is
not true because there is a lot of office software, such
as word processors and spreadsheets, for open sourse
operating systems.In fact, there are many kinds of this
software and they work well. It is only special areas,
such as graphics design, where proprietary is clearly
Answer the following questions :

6. What is the text about ?

7. What is the most important things about open
source software?
8. What do companies have with open sourse
9. How does proprietary often store the data?
10. What do people worry about open source
operating system?
a). Match the security solusion in 1-5 to its purpose a-e.
1. a firewall a). prevents damage that
viruses might cause.
2. antivirus software b). Make sure only authorised
people access the network.
3. authentication c) checks the user is allowed to
use system.
4. username, password d). Blocks unauthorised access
and biometric scanning codes.

5. encryption e). Protects the system from

public access.
b).Match the verbs 1-5 with the noun a-e

6. switch/turn on a). software

7. eat b). Software
8. connect c). Peripheral
9. load d). Food
10. run e). The computer.
c).Complete this dialogue with the words in the box.
Speed, change, about, problem, devices
11. I have a problem with the network
download ............... What can you
12. Why don’t you ..................the hub?
13. I don’t think that will work. The hub is fine?
OK. How ............adding a repeater then?
14. Hmm, I am not sure it will help, it is not
a .............with the signal strength.
15. OK, then you should check the cables and
network make sure that
they are compatible with your network.