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Invest Today, make profit now,

feel amazing and enjoy your life in
dream landscapes of the most
beautiful and magnificent places
of Eastern Europe,
Romania the Carpathian Garden !
Romania, is an amazing country located
in South-East Europe, having in center the
gorgeous peaks of the Carpathians
Mountains, covered with old-growth
forests, furrowed by sparkling rivers, and
green hills, with fields of crops, pastures,
meadows and vast plains.

It is one of the few places of its kind still

remaining today in old Europe as said
H.M. Prince Charles , offers outstanding
natural conditions and hospitable people.
We offer you today the opportunity to
invest in this wonderful deal eco-friendly,
with ascending trend : Mushroom Farm
Mushrooms are a very valuable
foodstuff due to rich content in nutrients.
Having both the taste and the aroma
thereof, are appreciated regardless of
season, they are consumed by the
population in fresh or preserved.

Mushrooms are also great sources of

protein, fiber, B vitamins (especially
niacin), vitamin C, calcium, minerals, and
selenium. They also contain antioxidants
such as ergothioneine, that are unique to
The rising inclination of consumers
towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle
has also led to higher consumption of
food and food ingredients with potential
health benefits. This trend is one of the
key factors fueling the global demand for
mushrooms, which are rich in minerals,
vitamins, proteins, and dietary fibers.

The demand for mushrooms is in

increase continuously. A recent survey
shows that the market had a value of
$35 billion in 2015, and between 2016
and 2021, the market is expected to
grow by 9.2 % percent.
This would bring its size to nearly $60
billion in 2021.
Mushroom market demand is growing,
and the depreciation of the investment is
made in a very short time.
Intensive type of mushroom production
could provide good alternative of income
opportunities. On the strength of the
increased demand of mushroom, and the
eco and vegetable eating movement from
today, combined with the fast population
growing on the planet, the mushroom
farming is better option with the other
agricultural activities.
The mushroom market research
estimates that the global mushroom
market will exhibit at 34,100 $ Millions
in 2015 which willworth 50,100 $
Millions by 2019 and rise to a valuation
of 70.000 $ Millions by 2024.
The research and innovation in the
field of mushrooms, make that the
expansion of this business more and
more accentuated with the increasing
demand for mushrooms, fresh or

We will present below offers of

mushroom farms by various types and
size, to be able to properly understand
and appreciate the potential offered and
the specifics of each of them.
The mushroom market is positively
influenced by:
• Utilizing the potential of mushroom
• Developing production technology and
increasing productivity
• Increasing the efficiency of storage,
transportation, packaging, labeling,
promotion and marketing activities of
• Increasing consumer consciousness
and demand for healthy, quality and
organic products,
• Increasing tendency for demand of
• Increasing interest in protection and
improvement of environment,
• Accessibility to EU, and domestic
The mushroom market can be classified
by: – Form Type :
• Fresh Mushroom
• Processed Mushroom
• Dried Mushroom
• Frozen Mushroom
• Canned Mushroom
• Others
– Application :
• Food Processing Industry
• Retail Outlets
• Food Services

Mushroom farming is an attractive

business, where little investment is
needed, and with a rapid payback .
Make money by growing mushrooms !
Ref. no.1. Mushroom farm
The mushroom unit of production
(champignon) is located in middle of the
country, situated on a plot of 7100 sqm.
The production is made in buldings
composed by 7 tunnel type constructions
built in the year 2014, after all standards
that ensure a maximization of
production in terms of hygiene.
Also there on land exist an old
construction with profile livestock
having 1500 sqm, which can be used.
The plot allows the development of up
to 12-16 production tunnels by
increasing the production, and the
efficiency of the farm.
The mushrooms farm have in
- Spaces of culture, in 6 tunnel
constructions with surface of
1.700sqm(can be extended up to 16)
- Technological hall
- Technical annex space in tunnel
Storage space and packing are in the
cold room, with an area of 24 sqm

The total area of the culture on each

tunnel in part is 265sqm.
The total area of the culture today:
1600 sqm
The culture rooms have a system of
control of the climate through
humidity, optimum temperature and
concentration of CO2 optimally.
These values can be adjusted
automatically, by modern systems,
computerized, individually for each
The equipments and technological
facilities automation are composed by:
• Programmable logic controller - intended
for the programming and control of the
technological process in the culture room
• Sensor CO2 with multiplexing
• Unit air handling
• Ventilation circuit indoor/outdoor
• Central heating Buderus 100 Kw
• Chiller Clint 110 Kw (chiller water)
• The aggregate refrigerant 6.7 Kw
• Electric Generator Endress 60Kw-80KVA

A single full-capacity hall can produce

between 56,000 and 64,000 kilograms of
mushroom per year, meaning that the six
greenhouses can produce between 336
tones and 384 tons of mushrooms per
year. And the production can be increased.
The advantages of the mushroom farm:
• is a new construction, modern
• have all utilities, and approvals
• the plot allows the development of more
tunnels production, and increasing the
• is located in nearby cities and logistics
warehouses, near the highway and big cities
• no other producerer close to 100 km

Price: 490000Euro
Ref. no.2. Mushroom farm and villa
located in South part of Romania, not far
away from Bucharest.
The entire property is composed by :
A) Mushroom farm : 6 greenhouses of
300mp each, having concrete platform,
with automation systems and individual
B) Greenhouse : 5 greenhouses on the
surface of the 1200 mp each
C) The villa, Gf+1floor, built in 2002,
from wood, being thermo-insulated.
Have a surface of 230 sqm., composed
from 3 rooms, 2 living rooms, bathroom,
and kitchen, has flooring, tiles, faience.
D) Attachments: Technical room, 2
bathrooms, office, dining room,
refrigerating room
The total land area: 13300 sqm, from
which 4,800 sqm land is inside village
and 8,500 sqm outside village.
Opening at main street: 45 m
Utilities: electric power, water from
own source with dampening station
The advantages of this mushroom
• is in a good location on an European
Road, near big city and logistics
• the plot allows the development of
more tunnels production, and increasing
the production
• can be transformed or used for other
purpose, like warehouses, production

Price: 145000Euro
If you consider that these offers not
fit your request or plans, or maybe
you’ll like to consider other criteria’s
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Our firm Global Concept Solution
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Our long-term experience gives us the
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your investment, and development of
profitable and stable business.
Waiting feedback, requests,
suggestions, or proposals, we
assure that your trust and
time is respected by us.
Thank you for your granted


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