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My name is Mary Jane. I am

10 years old. I live in Chicago.
My family consists of my
father, my mother, my
younger brother and myself.
I have long brown hair. I love
to play with my dolls, listen
to music and read fairy tales.
I have many friends in school
with whom I play during my
break. My class teacher is
very nice and polite. She helps
me in my studies.
My father is a policeman. He works
very hard from morning till night. My
mother is a teacher. They both love
me a lot. My brother is still too young
to go to school. He stays with the
nanny till my mother comes back
home. Being the baby of the family,
he is everyone’s favorite.
My father takes us to the
amusement park whenever he
gets time off from his work.
Every Sunday, my mother
cooks a tasty lunch and we all
set to eat it together.
I thank God for giving me a
loving family and a
wonderful life.