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Test, Tests or Tester may refer to Test

(assessment), an assessment intended to

measure the respondent’s knowledge or other
A set of written spoken questions used for
finding out how much someone knows about
A topic.{Macmillian Dictionary}
A methods to determine a student’s
ability to complete certain tasks or
demonstrate mastery of a skill or
knowledge of content.
Commonly used interchangeably with
assessment ,or even evaluation, it can be
distinguished by the fact that a test is one
form of an assessment.
Assesment : The process of gatherings
information to monitor progress and make
educational decisions if necessary. These
assessment may includes methods such as
observations, interviews, behavior
monitoring , etc.

{ Reference Assisting Learners with Special

Needs: 6th Ed by Overton}
1.Educational Test- Primary function is the
measurement of results or effects of
instruction. Example Achievement Test
2.Psychological Tests- measures the tangible
aspects of behavior such as attitudes ,
interests , emotional adjustments ,
intelligence and ability. Ex. Personality Test
3.Mastery Tests- achievement test which
measure the degree to which an individual
has to mastered certain instructional
objectives or specific learning outcomes
4.Survey Tests- measure a student’s
general level of the achievement
regarding a broad range of learning
5.Individuals Tests- Administered on a
one-to one basic using questions. Ex.
Individual Intelligence Tests.
6.Groups Tests – Administration to
group of individuals.
7.Power Tests- items are arranged in increasing
order of difficulty measure the individuals is
ability to answer more and more difficult item
within a given field.
8.Speed Tests- the speed of accuracy which the
pupil is able to respond to the items that can be
9.Verbal Tests- makes use of words: Mental Test
consists of items measuring vocabulary, verbal
reasoning test, comprehension etc. Ex. Verbal
Reasoning Test , Aptitude test and etc.
{ Online Reference From
traditional Pen & Paper Tests Prepared by Group 3}.
According to Calmorin Laurentina Paler pp.19-23. Her kinds of Tests are
these followings:

(1) Intelligence Tests – this is a test which measures the intelligence quotient
(IQ) of an individual as genius, very superior, high average, average, low
average, borderline or mentally defective. Its function is to establish the
ability to think abstractly or to organize parts of a situation into a
coherent whole. Example are (a) Standford-Benit Intelligence Test ; (b)
Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale ; many others.

(2) Personality Test – are those which measure the ways in which individuals
or in terms of the roles an individual has ascribed to himself and adopts
in the society. Ex . (a)Rorschach test (b) Sixteen Personality Factor and
may others.
(3) Aptitude Test – this test is a predictive measure of a person’s likelihood of
benefit from instruction or experience in a given field such as arts , music
,clerical (3)work , mechanical tasks , or academic studies (Merriam, 1975).
(4) Prognostic Test – This test predicts how well a person is likely to do in a
certain school subject or task (Merriam, 1975). Ex. Iowa Examination.
(5) Performance Test - is a measure , often making use of manipulative
materials, which involves no, or a minimum of, verbal instruction