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From birth, men and women 1

have a clear differentiation from

a biological point of view;
however, behavioural,
sentimental and thought variants
are attributed more to the
influence of culture. They are
estimated to have the same
emotions and feelings, and
potentially the same mental
capacity. Therefore,
conventional differences in
priorities, preferences, interests
and occupations are due to
parental, educational and
sociocultural conditioning
However, with the passage of time,
advances in science and technology, 2
as well as the proposals of feminist and
postmodern movements, favoured the
active participation of women in
socioeconomic life, Politics and culture
of the country (National Institute of
Statistics, Geography and Informatics,
2018). This situation has led to radical
changes in the conception of the
traditional structure of both sexes,
allowing and promoting new
alternatives for the equitable
distribution of domestic, nurturing and
work tasks.
Good human, capable, competitive,
committed, knowledge, conscious, constant,3
constructive, create, grow, worship, develop,
discover, efficient, example, enterprising,
dedicated, student, successful, happy, firm,
human, independent, initiative, intelligent,
interest, get, think, productive, professional,
progress, reasonable, be someone, excel me,
talented, transform, transcend, valuable,
solvent and she Adult, creative, cultured,
efficient, example, happy, effort, successful,
happy, formal, skillful, image, important,
intelligent, struggling, improve, goals,
motivated, woman, organized, persevering,
precise, recognized, respectable,
outstanding, dreamer, overcome, superior,
triumph, will, myself, person
Ambitious, captivating, committed, knowledge,4
constructive, creative, cultured, fulfilled, decision,
dedicated, outstanding, example, enterprising,
committed, enthusiastic, study, successful, manage,
greatness, guide, honorable, initiative, innovative,
intelligent, struggling, objective, prepared,
professional, progress, respectable, excel, workers,
transcend, triumphants Admirable, learn, care,
authentic, civilized, competitive, know, conscious,
build, grow, critical, careful, cultured, determined,
sportsmen, uninhibited, outstanding, educated,
exemplary, choose, entrepreneurs, understand,
committed, enthusiastic, student, successful, firm,
great things, skilled, independent, intelligent, improve,
model, motivate, not get high, goals, think, prepared,
proactive, professional, progress, wise, get ahead, be
someone, excel, excel, work, transcend, visionary.
In general, men and women are developing
characteristics such as courage, decision,
security, intellect, culture, capacity for public
leadership, independence and economic
leadership on the family stage. These are people
with professional and social needs, with sensitivity
and concern for social problems, in whom the
capacity for reflection, the favorable self esteem
and the need for independence are articulated
with the sensibility and the desire for realization in
public and private life With regard to the bonds
of love, he affirms that society demands less
traditional men and women, capable of
transmitting sweetness, sensitivity, delicacy. Love
life is an important project for both of them, who
aspire to enjoy relationships of intimacy, fusion
and participation in which independence and
respect for personal spaces are present.
In this culture, both men and women are 6
experiencing a combination of traditional
and nontraditional models. Changes at
this level are often slow and long term,
especially when it comes to deeply
rooted feelings and ideas over the
centuries. However, what is happening is
a transition. It is about living against the
domination of predetermined roles and
under new forms in the social (man,
woman, family, career), which favor the
idea that both can alternate between
one role and another, as long as it gives
them a taste without complaint
There are certain structures that are larger
in a woman’s brain than in a man’s. In the
hypothalamus, for example, there are
nuclei that control some of our primary
behaviors that are different. In the cerebral
tonsils there are also certain differences.
There are many examples of dimorphic
circuits in many species of mammals, which
is neither better nor worse. It’s just how it is,
just like men and women have breasts, but
we develop them differently. It’s the same
with our brain. I think it has nothing to do
with our abilities, but with how our brain
structure develops.
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