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 Several qualitative and quantitative techniques and

methodology are used to conduct analysis

 Impact on Physical, Ecological and Socio-economic
environment are studied.
 The prediction of impacts helps to minimize the
adverse impacts and maximize the beneficial impacts
on environmental quality during pre and post project
 Physical environment includes:
 Air Environment
 Water Environment
 Noise Environment
 Land Environment
 Construction Phase
 Increase in gaseous emission by heavy construction equipment and
 Increase in dust by construction activities like Earth excavation work,
material storage, transportation and handling of construction materials
 Dust and exhaust particulate emissions from heavy equipment
operation with temporary degrade in air quality
 Operation Phase
 Project being biogas plant, there will be no combustion
 But in case of failure, Diesel Generator can be used.
 Odor from the Anaerobic digester.

 In summary, there will be no or minor negative impacts on the

air environment
 Construction Phase
 Noise will be produced in a less amount by transporting trucks,
concrete mixer, etc
 Operation Phase
 Sources of noise shall be equipments under working like pumps,
blowers, DG sets and treatment machinery
 Minor negative impact near noise generation sources inside the
 In summary, minor negative impacts in the environment
 Construction Phase
 The wastewater produced from laborers may be a concern
for the public health.
 Storm water with sediments from excavated material
 Operation Phase
 Wastewater generated due to operation & maintenance
staff will be treated in ETP
 Approximately, 269 KLD of waste water will be generated
and further it will be treated in 300 KLD
 In summary, Positive impact, as the effluent will be
treated to the on land discharge standards.
 Construction Phase
 There might be a change in land pattern
 Overburden & construction waste may pollute soil
 Operation Phase
 Slurry produced during the waste processing in the
digester will be handled in polyhouse.
 In Summary, there will be no or minor negative
impacts on land
 Minor impact on flora and fauna of the area due to
operation of proposed biogas plant

 Impacts on population composition

 The impact of proposed biogas plant on population
composition will be either nil or negligible as only a few skilled
and managerial staff will be recruited
 Impacts on Employment Generation
 Expected to provide employment opportunities to about
75 people including skilled and unskilled workers
 Employment potentiality of the project is expected to
increase economic condition of the families of those
persons who will get employed in the plant
 Positive impacts of the project
 Impacts on Income
 Family income of the people will be substantial boost.
 Positive impacts of the project
 Impacts on Historical, Archeological and
Architectural Sites
 No impacts
 Impacts on law and order
 No impacts