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• Feeling of oneness and National integration

Patriotism • Developing sense of love, devotion and sacrifice for

the Country

Cultural • Linkage of new generation with the old one

History • Knowledge of history and ancestors

Enlightens • To enlighten the student about their cultural heritage

• To give them proper knowledge of their existence
the Students
Integration & • To bring sense of unity and integration
Unity • To promote nationhood and oneness

• To give awareness of fundamental rights

Fundamental of the Citizens
Rights • Constitution making and its importance

• To equip the students to find out problems in various

Food for sectors in Pakistan such as political, economic,
societal, social, cultural and psychological
Thought • Enhancing student’s ability to provide solution to
these problems
General • General awareness of government and politics in
Awareness • Elections, National Assembly and Senate

Internationa • Enhance student’s knowledge about international

politics and economy

l Scenarios • Enhancing student’s view about their relation with


Love for • Love for literature for example Pashto, Hindko and
Literature • Respect for other languages spoken in Pakistan
• To give students an effective knowledge of
Foreign understanding relations wit their neighbors

Policy • Awareness regarding Pakistan’s relations

with other countries

Gratitude to • Inculcate the sense of gratitude to

Almighty Allah
Allah • Love for religion

Awareness of
• Socio-cultural
current patterns • Socio-economic
of society
Positive • Towards role of people
Attitudes • Developing society

Understandin • Human aspects of Pakistan’s Geography

g • Physical aspects of Pakistan’s Geography

and • Ideology of Pakistan, struggle of Muslims
understandin • Efforts for achieving goals of Islamization

• About Local Self
Know How • Pakistan’s international
Learning of • Concepts regarding Pakistan Studies
various • Encouraging creativity, observations
and other higher order skills
• Enhancing students to research on
Research various aspects regarding Pakistan
• Develop research skills
 It helps you get through in almost three major
subjects in Competitive Examination
 It polishes students to get an honorable
Government Job
 It answers to some valuable questions. For
example, Why Pakistan was so inevitable?
What are you? What is you background? Why
people sacrificed their lives to achieve
Pakistan? Were we in need of piece of land
 Helps in acquiring honorable jobs in many
sectors in Pakistan whether private or public
 Open ways for higher studies in many different
and related subjects such as Political Science,
Defense and Strategic Studies, Peace and
Conflict Studies and International Relations
 Scope in international organizations and
research centers such as AIPS in US and UK.