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BIW3201/ 2 (2-0)
Course/Subject Identity

a. Subject/Code : Bioethics/BIW3201
b. Faculty/Study Program : Biology/Biology
c. Academic Year: 2018/2019
d. Semester : 2
e. Credit : 2 (2-0)
g. Days /time : Fridays 15.20-17.00
h. Venue : Room 2
Faculty of Biology
Uki Dwiputranto (UDP) (Coordinator)
Class A. Monday, 13.00 – 14.40, Room 2

Hendro Pramono (HP)

Class B, Monday, 15.20 – 17.00, Room 2

Gratiana E.W (GEW)

Class C, Thursday, 15.20 – 17.00, Room 3

Edi Basuki (EB)

Class D, Thursday, 15.20 – 17.00, Room 3
Class D, Friday, 15.20 – 17.00, Room 2

Aulidya Nurul Habibah Adnan (ANHA)

Class D, Thursday, 13.00 – 14.40, Room 3 3
3. Output

Understanding of the principles of ethics and

bioethics and improving student’s awareness
about ethical issues as the consequences of
the advancement of science and technology,

4. Course Description

This course discusses bioethics definition and scope,

theories and principles, ethical issues concerning the use
of human being and other organisms in biological
research and education, biomedical sciences and
biotechnology, including ethical issues raising from
genetic manipulations and the use of their products in the
fields of food, agriculture, health and environment.

5. Learning Outcome:

Upon completing this course, students are

expected to be able to explain how the
bioethical principles are used as the
sources of values and the guidelines and
the basis of consideration in decision
making concerning the living organisms
and the biosphere as a whole.

6. Impact

Students will be able to demonstrate their skill in: good

teamwork, empathy, and communication (especially in

scientific communication), improved balance

between the left and right brain,

and decision makings based

on ethical values they hold.

7. Competence Map
Students are able to describe the principles of bioethics as the sources of values and the
bases of decision making concerning living organisms and the biosphere

Students are Students are Students are Students are

able to describe able to Students are able to describe able to
the ethical describe the able to the ethical describe the
issues ethical issues describe the issues ethical issues
concerning the concerning the ethical issues concerning the concerning
use of animals use of human concerning “The Human the
in research and in research and the “GMO” Genome environmental
education education Project” ethics

Students are able to describe the principles of bioethics

and are able to analyze ethical issues

Students are able to describe the definition, scope,

history and advancement of bioethics
8. References

Macer, D.R.J. (eds.). 2006. A Cross Cultural Introduction to

Bioethics. Eubios Ethics Institute. Bangkok-Thailand.

Bryant et al., (2002). Bioethics for Scientists. John Wiley and

Sons. England.

Exploring Bioethics

Ethical Matrix

9. Evaluation
Component %
Mid-semester Exam 20 %
Final Exam 20 %
Quiz (Post-test) 20 %
Assignments 40 %
 Ethic analysis (individual) 15 %
 Role Play Video (group) 15 %
 Presentation (group) 10 %

Total 100%

10. Final Mark

• ≥ 80,00 A
• 75,00 - 79,99; AB
• 70,00 - 74,99; B
• 65,00 - 69,99; BC
• 60,00 - 64,99; C
• 56,00 - 59,99; CD
• 46,00 - 55,99; D
• < 46,00. E

Lecture Time Table
Week Competence TOPIC Weight
(Material) MEDIA Indicator
Students are
I Students are Speech able to answer
Syllabus and course
Thursday able to explain Lecture Discussion questions
content, Rules, time 0
1 March 2018 the lecture contract LCD Projector concerning
table, agreement
13.00 – 14.40 contract White Board learning
Students are
Ice Breaking
able to describe: Students pass
II (Pros-Cons)
Definition, Definition, about, the quiz
Thursday Speech
Understanding Introduction scope, theories, of (posttest) and 5%
8 March 2018 Discussion
about, Scope, bioethics mid-semester
13.00 – 14.40 LCD Projector
Theories of exam
White Board
Students are
III Ethical Matrix Speech able to analysis
Thursday Students are Ethical Exploring Bioethics Discussion ethical issues
15 March able to analysis issues A Cloning Movie LCD Projector and pass the 5%
2018 ethical issues Analysis Assignment on ethical White Board quiz (posttest)
13.00 – 14.40 issues analysis Sound system and mid-
semester exam

Week Competence TOPIC Weight
(Material) MEDIA Indicator
Relevant Students are able to
Students are able 5%
Using Animals Theories/principle answer the question
to: describe the Speech
IV in Research s of using Animals in the post test and
theories/principles Discussion
Thursday and in Research and mid-semester exam,
and LCD
22 March Education. Education and
2018 apply in a role play Projector
13.00–14.40 of ethics in using White
Role play Assignment:
animals in research Board
Assignment Case Studies. are able to play a
and education 15%
Role-play Video role in this topic.
Students are able to
V Students are able Student video Discussion present a role play
Thursday to present a role Using Animals presentation on LCD video on the use of
29 March play on the use of in Research Using Animals in Projector animals in research 10%
2018 animals in research and Education Research and White and education and
13.00–14.40 and education Education Board answer the questions
In the discussion
Students are able Ethical
Relevant Student are able to
to: Describe the Principles for
theories/principle answer questions in
theories/principles Biomedical 5%
s of quiz and the mid-
concerning the use Research
Biomedical Speech semester exam
of human subject in Involving
VI Research Discussion
research and Human
Thursday Involving Human LCD
5 April 2018 education Subjects (1)
Subjects Projector
13.00–14.40 White
Ethical issues in
Students are able to
biomedical 15%
Role-play Video play a role in the
research using
human subjects

Week Competence TOPIC Weight
(Material) MEDIA Indicator
Discussion Students are able
Student Video LCD to present issues
VII Students are able to Principles for
Presentation on Projector on the use of
Thursday present issues on Biomedical
Ethical Principles White Board human subjects in
12 April the use of human Research 10%
2018 for Biomedical Sound biomedical
subjects in Involving
13.00–14.40 biomedical research Human Research Involving system research and
Human Subjects answer the
Subjects (2)
questions well
Thursday 19 April 2018 Mid-semester exam 20%
Students are
Students are able to Genetically Ethical principles
describe the ethical Modified and issues on
Speech able to answer 5%
Discussion the questions on
principles Organisms Genetically
IX LCD quiz and the final
concerning (GMOs) (1) Modified
Thursday Projector
Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) exam
03 May 2018 White Board
13.00–14.40 Organisms (GMOs) Assignment
Well perform in a
able to play a role in Assignment: Video Play roles on role play in the
the ethical issues A case study GMOs
ethical issues 15%
related to GMOs on GMOs
related to GMOs
Students are able Students well
to present issues perform on
X presentation on
on Genetically Genetically Discussion GMOs role-play
Thursday Genetically
Modified Modified LCD
10 May 2017 Modified video and 10%
13.00–14.40 Organisms Organisms
(GMOs) case (GMOs) (2) White Board answer the
(GMOs) case questions during
studies discussion

Week Competence TOPIC Weight
(Material) MEDIA Indicator
Students are able Ethical principles
to describe the The Human and issues on Speech Students are able 5%
XI ethical Genome The Human Discussion to answer the quiz
Thursday theories/principles Project (1) Genome LCD and the Final exam
17 May and Project. Projector
2017 are able to play White Board and are able to
13.00–14.40 roles related to The Sound play a role on the
Human Genome Assignment Role-play video system ethical issues well. 15%
Project on GMOs issues
XII Student Video
Thursday Students are able Discussion Students are able
The Human presentation on
24 May to present issues LCD to answer
2017 Genome The Human 10%
The Human Projector questions during
13.00–14.40 Project (2) Genome Project
Genome Project White Board discussion
case studies.
Students are able
Theories and Students are able
to describe the Environmental Discussion
Ethical principles to answer the quiz 5%
XIII ethical Ethics LCD
on environmental and the Final exam
Thursday theories/principles Projector
31 May and White Board
2017 and are able to
are able to play
13.00–14.40 roles related to The Role-play video play a role on the
on environmental environmental 15%
environmental Assignment
issues issues well.

Competenc SUBSTANCE METHOD Competence
Week TOPIC Weight
e (Material) & MEDIA Indicator

Students are
Students are able to present
XIV able to present Student Presentation video role play
Environmental LCD
Thursday a case study on on Environmental on
7 June 2018 environmental Ethics Projector 10%
Ethics and Issues environmental
13.00–14.40 ethics White
Cases Studies issues and
answer the
questions well

Thursday Projector
Discussion about
28 June Review White
2018 Lectures VIII - XIV
13.00–14.40 Soundsyst

Thursday, 5 July 2018 Final Exam 20%

Q: Who are allowed to
participate in the Final
Exam …..?

A: Students who undertake

BIW3201, with a minimal
attendance of 75 % (proven
by the attendance list).

Assignment 1 (individual)

Ethic Analysis:
1. Every student analyses the ethical issues found after watching the
Cloning Movie using an ethical matrix.
2. The result of the analysis will have to be emailed to the lecturer one
week after the lecture where the Cloning Movie will be played.
Assignment 2 (group)
Each group will be assigned to make a ROLE-PLAY VIDEO with the
following conditions:
1. Duration: 5-10 minutes
2. Actors are all members of the group
3. The topic for each group will be posted by the lecturer on Facebook
4. The narration of the role-play video must be approved by the
Assignment 3 (group)

Video Presentation:
1. The duration for each group presentation
including discussion is 30 minutes
2. The video file must be submitted to the lecturer
1 day before being presented.
Information and communication media
GROUP: BIOETIKA I Fakultas Biologi Unsoed

All materials and assignments will be

uploaded on the Facebook Group

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