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Silencers for New Flare Gas Recovery

1. Suction Silencer -Train 1 & Train 2 Compressors
2. Discharge Silencer Stage 1 -Train 1 & Train 2 Compressors
3. Discharge Silencer Stage 2 -Train 1 & Train 2 Compressors

Total 6 Nos

CB/CSPD/2021 : FGRF Project @ MAB

Suction Silencer
Discharge Silencer -1
Overall Length 2250mm
Overall Length 2000mm
Overall Height 823mm
Overall Height 843mm
Outer Dia 406.4 mm Outer Dia 706.4mm
Shell Thickness 10mm Shell Thickness 10mm
Mtl : A516 Gr 70 Mtl : A516 Gr 70

Discharge Silencer -2
Overall Length 1750mm
Overall Height 818mm
Outer Dia 655.6mm
Shell Thickness 10mm
Mtl : A516 Gr 70

CB/CSPD/2021 : FGRF Project @ MAB

KNPC insists to do PWHT as per Contract Exhibit A Part II Sec
4 –

“ All Pressure Containing equipment for sour service

application shall be subjected to 100% NDE & Post Weld Heat
Treatment “

 CB/CSPD/2021 : FGRF Project @ MAB

Contractor Interpretation
-Feed up to first isolation valve From KNPC “A5” Piping
- Blow down piping to Flare header with Shell 11055 pipe

-Low Severity -Sour Service category items

-Silencer shall be designed as a part of Compressor as per

API 619 Rotary-Type Positive- Displacement Compressors
for Petroleum, Petrochemical, and Natural Gas Industries
and Shell DEP No PWHT Requirements.

-MDT (Compressor Manufacturer) Recommendation and

previous experience (Silencers without PWHT) in similar
flare Gas services

 CB/CSPD/2021 : FGRF Project @ MAB

MDT (Compressor Manufacturer) constructed the Silencer as
ASME Sec VIII Div 1 as per the Manufacturer standard

CB/CSPD/2021 : FGRF Project @ MAB

MDT (Compressor Manufacturer) Recommendations

CB/CSPD/2021 : FGRF Project @ MAB


PWHT is Not required for all the 6 Silencers

CB/CSPD/2021 : FGRF Project @ MAB