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@ O (also known as corporate

ethics) is a form of applied ethics or
professional ethics that examines ethical
principles and moral or ethical problems that
arise in a business environment .

@ firms started highlighting their ethical stature

since the late 1980s and early 1990s, as the
world witnessed serious economic and
natural disasters because of unethical
business practices .
@ the idea of business ethics caught the
attention of academics, media and business
firms by the end of the overt Cold War.


@ Corporate social responsibility

@ Issues regarding the moral rights and duties
between a company and its shareholders
@ Political contributions made by corporations
@ The misuse of corporate ethics policies as
marketing instruments
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@ Comparison of business ethical traditions in

different countries
@ Comparison of business ethical traditions
from various religious perspectives
@ issues arising out of international business
@ international commerce

@ many companies have formulated internal policies

pertaining to the ethical conduct of employees
@ containing specific behavioural requirements
(typically called corporate ethics codes).
@ offer guidance on handling some of the more
common ethical problems
@ lead to greater ethical awareness, consistency in
application, and the avoidance of ethical disasters

@ global warming have been felt heavily, people are

becoming aware of the importance of the nature and
their responsibilities towards environmental
@ betterment of present environmental problems.
@ harmonize "
 " in environmental
pollution control practices to increase environmental
awareness of the environmental decision makers
and experts.
@ provide a bridge between "
 " and "
" of members of the target groups.
@ studies the ethical relationship between
human beings and the environment.
mnvironmental mthics?

@ continuing with an excessive consumption of

natural resources.
@ excessive use is resulting in their depletion,
risking the life of our future generations.
@ The marth Day celebration of 1970 -led to the
development of environmental ethics as a
separate field of study.
@ human activities lead to environmental
@ mnvironmental ethics is about including the
rights of non-human animals in our ethical
and moral values
@ conservation of natural resources is not only
the need of the day but also our prime duty.


@ Libertarian mxtension, the mcologic mxtension

and Conservation mthics
@ Libertarian mxtension -civil liberty approach -
a commitment to extend equal rights to all
members of a community.
@ mcologic extension-recognition of the
fundamental interdependence of all biological
entities and their essential diversity
@ Conservation ethics-worth of the
environment in terms of its utility or
usefulness to humans.
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@ believes in promoting environment

sustainability and is committed to protecting
the environment
@ TCS team along with aitree organized
various activities and promotional events
across all TCS branches from 1st June to
11th June 2010.
@ objective of carrying out such activities was
to promote awareness about the
environment not only among the TCSers but
also among their family members and to
encourage them to become responsible

@ O  
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@ 1st June, 2010 -observed as µ  
all the Bangalore centres and associates were asked
to say µ O¶ to deforestation by printing only when
absolutely necessary.
  by encouraging the
associates to adopt green practices at personal level
to conserve energy.
@ On 3rd June 2010, a special screening of the movie

@ On 3rd June 2010, a special screening of the
movie ||

@   -World mnvironment Day at
Chennai started in ay 2010 with the Beach
cleaning campaign to sensitize the
associates about the environment.
@ On 5th June 2010, on the occasion of World
mnvironment Day,
@ Competitions like | 
and ³

  O 
were organized for the Chennai associates

been planned for all the Associates vehicles
in all the Centers in Chennai
      TCSers showed
their concern for the environment by
participating in the clean-up drive .
@ arious competitions like poster
competitions, essay-writing competitions and
slogan writing competitions on various
@ A 
 was organized in   
@ ù  On 4th June 2010, aitree-mcology
Club inaugurated its first m- ewsletter which
captures all activities
@ ³O|   

  photography contest. This was a

small effort towards urging people to build a

world for our children.
m IRO m T
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