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Mentruations Problems

 Lecturer : Obay Jambari
 Arangged by : Hariza Fitriyani
 Class : 1B
Mentruations is the process of discharge fro the vagina which
occurs due to the monthly cycle that occurs in women. This cycle
is the organ process of a pregnant woman to be prepared in the
event of a pregnancy. This preparation is characterized by
thickening of uterine wall (endometrium) which contains blood
Symptoms in the
menstrual cycle

 Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)
In the menstrual cycle, changes in hormone levels in a woman’s
body will occur. Changing the number of hormones can affect the
physical and emotional, which can appear several days before
menstruation. This symptoms is called permenstrual syndrome

A number of physical and emotional changes that usually appear

before menstration are tired,headache,bloated,breasts become
sensitive,gain weight,pain in muscles and joints,diarhea or
constipation,pimples appear.
What cause mentruation not

The following are some things that can be causes of mentruation that are not smooth
or irregular, including :

• Menopause
Towards menopause, mentruations can be non-fluent. This is because the hormones
estrogen and progesteron in the body become irregular.
• Pregnancy
If your periods are stalled or late, try doing an examination to determine if you are
pregnant. Doctors will usually recommend pregnancy test and ultrasound.
• Contraception
Using contraception,such as an IUD (spiral) or birth control pill, can indeed cause
changes in the form of spots between the menstrual cycles. An IUD can cause more
out of the ordinary blood or abdominal pain during menstruation.

 Pattern of everyday life if you do exercise or you weight drops
draatically, it can cause mentruation not smooth or irregular. Likewise
with excessive weight or obesity.not only changes in body weight,
stress can also affect your menstrual cycle.
 Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
(PCOS) is a collection of symptoms caused by the formation of small cysts
in the ovary. The existence of these cysts makes the hormones become
unbalanced.testosterone can increase beyond the normal range, which
should only have a little testosterone in women.
 Thyroid problems
In your neck there are thyroid glands that produce hormones that can
regulate the body’s metabolism. If your thyroid has a problem,your
menstruation will also be affected.
How to overcome menstruation not smooth

Treatment to treat non-fluet enstruation needs to be
adjusted for the cause. The following are some of the ways
you can deal with periods that ae not sooth or irregular :
 Change your lifestyle
 Change contraception
 Perform pocyctic ovary syndrometreatment, for example
to control hormone levels or diabetes. In addition, lose
weight in a healthy way,if you suffer from polycyctic ovary
syndrome with excess weight. Counseling if you experiene
stress that causes weight loss to drop dramatically.