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 Lakshay Arora

 6th semester
 1641207046
 Introduction
 Research Objective
 Research Methodology
 Analysis of Data
 Result
 Conclusion
 This research looks into the evolution of the
technologies in the Industry and their impact on
the potential customers

 The study will portray the opinions of both

consumers as well as service providers.

 Respondents for the survey are students, Hotel

employees and teachers

 As per the convenience of the researcher, the

research was restricted to the area of Delhi-NCR
 To study various technologies evolving in the
Hotel Industry

 To study guest preference with technology

keeping in hand the global competition
 Fulfillment of the first objective: this objective
will be achieved with the help of secondary
data available in print as well as online from
credible sources.

 Fulfillment of the secondary objective: This

objective will be fulfilled through the
literature present in magazines, internet and
 Keeping in view of the study, the data collected have been
analyzed and interpreted with the help of the
◦ Qualitative method
◦ Quantative method

 Qualitative Method: In the present study the data collected

was analyzed with the help of the mathematical tool such as
pie charts.

 Quantitative Method: The study represents positive and

negative feedback, as well as use emotions of acceptance and
rejection (as per need).
Question Respondents Findings
How often do you visit 100 A large population of
hotels? people go hotels
What is your medium 100 All people were
of booking? internet savvy.
To what extent, the 100 To a great extent, it is
visit is dependent on dependent on the level
level of services? of services.
Will you prefer a hotel 100 Most people denied a
without wifi? hotel without wifi.
Question Respondents Findings
Do you think the 100 Most people found
technology services them sufficient
provided in our
country is sufficient?
Which technology is 100 Amazon echo has
the future boon for the been quite popular
Which technology 100 Electronic concierge
should be adopted by
all the hotels?
 This research intends to study about the various
tech used in the hotel from all over the world and
study about the various factors and aspects of tech
influencing the demands of the guests. On this
basis, I aimed to investigate the technologies that
are essential for every or the hotel to maintain
revenue, Also the research aimed to bring out
some new strategies and techniques to promote
the hotels and take it to an all-time high.
Thank you