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Creating Effective Visuals on A

Power Point Presentation

Designed by:
Ade Purna Nugraha, S. Pd., M. Pd.
Let’s now look at the next slide which shows…
First, let me quickly explain the graph.
You can see that different colors have
been used to indicate…
The key in the bottom left hand corner shows you…
Highlighting Information

I’d like to start by drawing your attention

What I’d like to point out here is…
I think you’ll be surprised to see…
I’d like to focus your attention on…
Let’s look more closely at…
Saying Numbers

 2m : two million
 1.6bn : one point six billion
 1/3 : one third
 235m2 : two hundred and thirty five
square meters
 98% : ninety eight per cent
 €150,000 : one hundred and fifty thousand Euros
Saying Numbers

We use a comma in English to show thousands and a

point to show the decimal place.
We say ‘2 million or ‘10 billion (not 2 millions)
We say ‘2 million dollars or 170 pounds (not 2 million
Words and expressions used to
make contrast or describe results
 On the other hand
 Consequently
 Whereas
 While
 Thus
 however
 As a result
 Although
 Therefore
 Nevertheless
 Despite
Make a visual slide
from this info:

Five essential
applications on
Android or Iphone
along with their
functions 