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By :

 Fanny Nanda Mutiara

 Nova Fibri Ayuningtyas
 Duwi Meilisah
Sentence formation is one of the key ingredients to good
There are kinds of sentences you can use in your writing,
Simple, compound, complex and compound complex, and
knowing how to use all of them will allow you to express
your ideas with clarity and in great detail.
Difference between simple, compound and complex sentence.
 Simple sentence
Has the most basic elements that make it a sentence: a subject,
a verb, and a completed thought. (One independent clause)
Example :
1. Joe waited for the train.
"Joe" = subject, "waited" = verb
2. The train was late.
"The train" = subject, "was" = verb
 Compound Sentence
Made up of two independent clauses (or complete sentences)
connected to one another with a coordinating conjunction.
"FAN BOYS" : For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, So.
Example :
1. Joe waited for the train, but the train was late.
2. We want to go to Hawai soon, so we need to save money.
 Complex Sentence
Made up of an two or more independent clauses and at
least one dependent clause.
When the dependent clause comes first, a comma should
be used to separate the two clauses.
Example :
1. Because Nina and Zahra arrived at the bus station before
noon, I did not see them at the station.
How to Make
Here are the formula :
1. Simple sentence :
Subject + verb and expressing a complete idea.

She likes music

2. Compound sentence :
Simple sentence , +coordinating conjuction +simple sentence

My family goes camping every summer, and we usually have

3. Complex sentence
Has one independent and one or more dependent clauses.
a comma is needed it the dependent clause comes first.
Independent Clause + Dependent Clause (No comma). or
Dependent Clause , + Independent Clause (use comma).
Don’t forget to put subordinating conjunction.
The travel business is changing because people are talking
different vacations
How to Identify :
If you will identify some sentences, and want to know those
sentences include simple sentence, complex sentence or
compound sentence, the first thing that you must to see is
transition signal.
 I put a piece of cantaloupe underneath the microscope.
 While fishing in the blue lagoon, I caught a lovely
silverfish. (complex)
 Spencer stayed after school, but he forgot to tell his mom.
Exercise :
Susan was dining alone. She was uncomfortable, and
she hid her face in a book. When she looked up, she
saw the most handsome man she had ever seen. After
he joined her, she knew it was love at first sight, and it
was not long before they were married.