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Implementation of Wireless

Remote Monitoring
Control of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System
This project simply illustrates and deals with
the concept of smart/micro grid system by
monitoring and controlling the PV production
By using the wireless monitoring system we
will monitor the meteorological variables
as well as output of PV panel and inverter
through HMI.
By using the wireless controlling system we
will control the Panel tracking as well as
power flow of the PV panels to the grid.

1. Usage of solar energy.

2. Wireless data transmission.
3. Data Acquisition using LAB VIEW software.
4. Solar Tracking
5. Monitoring & Controlling of the PV Panels
The project is mainly concerned with the use of
embedded systems in the monitoring of the PV panels.
1- Literature Review
 Study about the wireless latest technologies.
 Selecting the appropriate technology for wireless data acquisition
2- Interfacing of the selected wireless module with
microcontroller to the PC.
3- Hard Implementation
• Controlling and Monitoring the PV panels to
enhance the efficiency and reliabilyt of the power

Proteus for hardware implementation

PIC-C Compiler for Embedded C programming
LAB VIEW for Data Acquisition
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