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Presented To:

Sir Atif Mir

Student Name:
Saeed ur Rehman,
Muhammad Nazir,
Ibn e ali naqvi
 Banks are the financial institution that lend and
borrow money from public and investa the borrowed
money in heavy returning projects and receive the
interest on money which he lend to investor or needy
people who receive money from banks.
2-History of banking
 History of banks is very old as 1800 BC. In know
history first of all babelyon and Roman People
introduce banking techniques, But in that time
banking was very simple as people put their valuable
thing like coin and gold to goldsmiths for
safeguarding. They took gold from people and issues a
receipt to asset owners and that goldsmith were bind
to pay back on demand.
 Banking again revised in 12 & 13th century from the
italian town of florence. While in 16th century German
family named fugger and augsburg was the very
famous bankers. People keep their precious goods,
gold and coins before these bankers for safety purpose
and get the receipt (promissory note).They also
received the loan by these bankers and pay the interest
over his original borrowing .
 Along businessman and common people, Government
also takes loan to fulfill their expenditure which
cannot meet by tese low level lenders. To respond the
befittingly to this situation, group of financier come
together and make the first bank “Bank of England”
and for the first time give the loan to government of 1.2
million pounds, which were the massive loan in that
days and receive the 8 % interest over financing. The
bank of England was founded in 1694
3-Banking in Pakistan
State bank of Pakistan was first bank of pakistan and
it is central bank of Pakistan. It is founded by Quid e
Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah in 1948. It becomes
government owned bank. State bank issued the
national currency of the country.
It set the rules and regulation for next upcoming
banks with the passage of time many commercial and
industrial banks are opened e.g Habib bank, Muslim
commercial bank etc.
4-Introduction of Meezan Bank
 Meezan bank is the first Islamic bank of Pakistan,
which paid up capital, is more than 10 billion. It is the
first initiator of Islamic banking. To facilitate those
people who have religious mind and who believe in
Islamic way of banking
 Meezan bank is founded in 1997 and it operate along
276 branches in 83 cities.
 The motive of meezan bank is “The premier Islamic
banking” It serves across country with 8500
employees. It is registered in stock Exchange of
Pakistan and it is traded with the name of MEBL.
5-Meezan Bank services to
Internet Banking:
Meezan bank provides the following facilities
 Funds transfer
 Bill payment
 Account management
 Account service
 Mutual fund
 Request fund
Mobile Banking:
Meezan bank providing mobile banking app for its
By using mobile banking customer can:
 Check the last eight transactions
 Bills payment
 Transfer amount within Meezan bank
 Detail of bank transaction
 Temporally activate and deactivate the debit card
QR Payment Facilities:
Meeezan bank provides its customer facility to made
payment by using QR code payment facility. In case of
cashless, customer can pay the bill by scanning QR
code via phonepay app directly from his Meezan bank
SMS Alerts:
Meezan bank aware its customer for the transaction
taken place on his account. It informs the customer if
his/her account debited or credited and even if his/her
cheque get bounce.
Debit Card:
Meezan bank offers three types of debit card to its
 Visa Debit card
 Titanium Master card
 Platinum Master card
 Platinum master card provides the access to its
customers worldwide 2.1 millions compatible ATMs
Bank made cash availability to its customer in
different cities across the country. More over its Debit
card is also accessible over than 8000 1 link and MNET
ATM machines.
By ATM machines customer can transfer funds
without any charges within the meezan networks.
Meezan bank account holder can also transfer fund to
other banks having 1-link members accounts.
6 Minor:
A minor is a person who did not attain the age of 18.
And in case of land property after age of 21 he or she
will become adult. Contract with the minor is void. But
a minor can open his account with his guardian or
7.Who can open the account of
 A natural guardian on behalf of guardian.
 A legal guardian in the name of minor.
 A natural guardian in joint account with minor.
Following documents needs to be furnished.

 Proof of minor date of birth

 Form B.
 Specimen signature of guardian. Minor specimen
signature in case he/she is 10 years old.
The typical account opening from can be filled up to
open a minor account. Details like the minors name,
address, guardian details and signature must be
8.State Bank of Pakistan Rules
for Minor account:
Eligibility to open account:
A minor can open his/her account jointly with
consent of his parents a minor with the age of
above than 10 years, account can be opened on his
own name if he can make his own signature.
9.Can minor operate this account:
This account will be operated jointly with parents or
guardian and minor.
Checkbook facility:
Checkbook will be issued to minor or guardian
/parents if minor makes the sign uniformly.
Both have a per day transaction limit of RS 5000.One can
make the bill payment, interbank transfer and may get the
demand draft.
10.How minor withdraw
Minor withdraw amounts through cheques, debit card.