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England is one of .

It shares land borders

the four constituent with Wales to the west
nations of the and Scotland to the
United Kingdom. north-northwest

The country
covers five-eighths The Irish Sea is to the
of the island of west of England and
Great Britain the Celtic Sea is to the

In 1901 Edward VII rises to power after

1901 the death of his mother, Queen Victoria.
England and France sign the
"Triple Entente" with Russia

a pact of support before the imminent war

the First World War breaks out
1914- 1918

It is also called the Great War

magnitudes of destruction of the

death territories faced
1929 the 'crack of 29'

It was the most devastating fall in

the stock market in the history of
the stock market in the United
1937 muerte de Jorge V

he was acesorrado by eduardo

who ascended to the throne after
the death of his father in 1936

He left the crown to be able to

marry an American woman
 England played an important role
with the so-called Battle of England.

 The battle of England is the name

by which the set of air battles fought
in the British sky.

 The main cities of the United

Kingdom, especially London, were
bombed; when Germany sought to
destroy the RAF

 The Battle of England inaugurated a

war of attrition, for which Hitler was
not prepared.
 On August 5, 1963 the
Nuclear Test Ban Treaty was
signed in Moscow, with the
participation of England, the
United States and Russia,
which has been signed
subsequently by many
 In 1969, the queen Elizabeth II
officially made Prince Charles her
successor by granting him the title
of Prince of Wales.

 In 1981 he married Lady Diana

 In 1996 he divorced and Diana
died unexpectedly the following
year in a traffic accident.
 In 2005 he married for the second
time, with Camila Parker.
 The fall of Black Monday was
the second largest percentage
collapse in a single day in the
history of the stock markets.

 In England the merchants lost

millions of pounds. Also in
London, stock prices fell
 The Millennium Dome is a large
dome-shaped building on the
Greenwich Peninsula,
southeast of London, originally
built to house a
commemorative exhibition of
the beginning of the third
millennium; that opened on
January 1, receiving the new
millennium with large fireworks.