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Martha Silva Vigo
Tag questions
A tag question is a question added at the end of the
sentence. Tag questions are used to make sure there
is agreement with one’s opinion or to make sure
information is correct.

El mar Picante is a great seafood

restaurant, isn’t it?

That was a great party, wasn’t it?

You studied German, didn’t you?

Negative and tag questions for giving opinion

I get e-mail on my phone. That’s nice,

isn’t it?

TV makes people lazy,doesn’t it?

Use tag questions to confirm information you already
think is true or to encourange someone to make a
small talk.

Yes, I am. / No, I’m

You’re Kazuko, aren’t

You speak Thai, don’t Yes, I do. / No, I

you? don’t.

He’ll be here later, won’t Yes, he will. / No, he

he? won’t.

When the statement is affirmative, the tag questions is

When the statement is negative, the tag
questions is affirmative.

They didn’t know the exam, did they?

No, they didn’t.

He isn’t late, is he?

Yes, he is.

Use aren’t for negative tag questions after I am.

I’m on time, aren’t I?

I’m not late, am I ?
Use Pronouns , not names or nouns, in tag

Macchu Picchu was built by the

Incas, wasn’t it?

wasn’t Macchu Picchu?

Adverbial clauses of time
Adverbs of time help to clarify when an event takes
place in relation to another event.

I was embarrassed because I called

the teacher “Mom. “ Afterwards, we
all laugh about it.

Ann went to Japan last year. Before

that, she had only traveled to

Ann travels to Mancora Whenever

she has the time to do it.
Adverbial clauses of time
Use these adverbs ( When, as soon as, the moment )
with the simple past to describe two things that happen
at the same time.

When I put the first piece in my

mouth, I felt a disgusting taste.

As soon as his parents leave, he

will make a huge party.

The moment they came back from their

honeymoon, they had their first argument.
Adverbs with the simple past

Use these adverbs ( afterwards, later, the next day )

with the past to describe something that happens at a
latter time.

Afterwards, I realized that I was in

the wrong classroom.

He got mad at me, but the next day, He

told me he was really sorry for that.
Ways to express fear and fearlessness

I can’t wait to go hand

Sky diving doesn’t scare me a

There’s nothing like surfing.

I can’t get enough of white –

water rafting.
Bungee jumping is no sweat.
Ways to express fear and fearlessness

I wouldn’t dare go hand gliding

Sky diving scares the life out

of me.
There’s not a chance I would go
You wouldn’t catch me white –
water rafting.
You’d have to be out of your
mind to go bungee jumping.