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Lighting System

Lighting System
 An automotive lighting system comprises
lighting and signaling devices and gadgets
installed and at the sides, front, and rear of
an automobile.
This complex system assists the driver to
man the vehicle safely and effectively. This
lighting system is especially useful after dark,
when it aids in increasing the vehicle’s
visibility and to convey information vis-à-vis
an automobiles direction of travel, position,
size, presence and a driver's next moves to
other road users.
A vehicle’s lighting devices are
classified based on their position and
their function. For example, a
headlamp is mounted to the front of a
vehicle and its objective is to provide
the needed illumination of the road
during low visibility conditions, like
rain or nighttime. Other lighting
devices include auxiliary lamps,
convenience lights, ornamental lights,
signaling lights, conspicuity lights, etc.
Types of Automotive Lights

 Auxiliary Lights
 Driving Lamps
 Rally &Off-road lamp
 Headlights
 Tail Lights
 Side light
 Light accessories
 Auxiliary Lights
As the name suggests the auxiliary lights are
meant to offer or provide help to the driver.

Driving Lamps
These are also known as full beam, auxiliary upper
beam or auxiliary high-beam lamp. The purpose of
the lamp is to enable the driver to see much ahead
on long roads that are unlit. The term driving lamps
has been derived from the early days of automobile,
when the high-beam lamps were the ones used in
driving and dipped only occasionally when another
vehicle approached from the opposite direction.
Auxiliary Driving Lamps
 Rally & Off-road lamps
These specialty lamps come in handy for
automobiles used in rallying or off-road and
are driven at breakneck speeds. These
extra lamps help to widen the field of
illumination so that a driver can clearly see
more of what lies in front of the vehicle. At
times these lamps are installed on a bar
parallel to the forward-facing lights or at
other times are mounted just above the roof.
Front fog lamps
Rally & Off-road lamps
Headlights or headlamps as they are
known are the most used devices in an
automobile’s lighting system. This is so
because they perform the critical
function of lighting up the road ahead
during low-visibility conditions.
Explanation of it two types follow
 Dipped beam
 Main beam
 Dipped beam
 This is known by many names such as low
beam, meeting beam, passing beam but
all of which refer to the same. These
headlamps illuminate the region in a
vehicle’s front in such a manner that the
light is distributed to provide sufficient
forward as well as lateral coverage. This is
in addition to preventing the vehicles light
beams from blinding any oncoming traffic.
Reversing lamps
Main beam
These lamps are also known as high
beam, full beam driving beam. Main
beams, as against the dipped beam
aren’t meant to shine controlled light,
rather they are configured to provide a
very bright beam, with most of it
focused towards the center. These
lights can block the ability of
approaching drivers to see, hence it’s
used selectively only on empty, unlit

Tail Lights
The alternative names of tail lights are rear position lamps, tail-light, tail
lamps and tail light. The basic purpose of these lights is to warn the
traffic following a particular vehicle of the existence of the vehicle ahead
during night or in the dark.

Conventionally, the lights emit a light red beam which and are
electrically wired to light up whenever the front lights of an automobile
are switched. A single set of multiple sets of these lights are installed,
usually depending on the size of vehicle.

In addition, these lamps are connected to the braking system of an

automobile, so as soon as the brakes are pushed these lights acquire a
much brighter glow, thus indicating that a vehicle is stopping.
Tail Lights

 Sidelights are a set of lights which are meant to

provide conspicuity of a standing-vehicle during
nighttime. The lights which are installed at the
front for conspicuity are called as front position
lamps. The alternative names for the lights are
parking lamps, parking lights and of course
sidelights which is the term used in North America.
The color of the light emitted by the lamps is
governed by local regulation but it’s usually either
white light or amber light.

Turn signals
Light accessories
The other commonly used lights are the
Interior Light and Light Accessories. While
the Interior Lights are meant to illuminate
the inside of the car to help an automobile’s
occupants, Light accessories or the most
part serve to decorate and adorn a vehicle.
lights flashing. POLICE

Light emitting diodes (LED) turn signal