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School-Based Management

In-Service Training
Cogon National High School
October 22, 2018
What is SBM?
RA 9155 (Basic Education Act of 2001)
Ushered the implementation of
School-Based Management
(SBM), thus, making the school
as the heart of formal education
All public elementary, secondary,
stand-alone senior high schools and
integrated schools shall be required
to submit for SBM validation
Submission of applications for Levels
II and III validation shall be every
April and May
Documents Needed
 Duly filled-in SBM Assessment Validation
form signed by the Division SBM
Coordinating Team
 KPIs duly certified by the Division Planning
Officer-subject for review by the Regional
 Minimum rating of the Performance
Improvemeent-1.50 (60%)
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
 Access-Percent Increase of Enrolment
or Participation Rate
 Efficiency- Dropout and Repetition
 Quality- NAT Results or Promotion
SBM Principles
1. Leadership and Governance
2. Curriculum and Learning
3. Accountability and
Continuous Improvement
4. Management of Resources
1. Leadership and Governance-- 30%
2. Curriculum and Learning-- 30%
3. Accountability and Continuous
Improvement— 25%
4. Management of Resources--- 15%
TOTAL 100%
SBM Levels of Practice
 Level I 0.50-1.49 Developing

 Level II 1.50-2.49 Maturing

 Level III 2.50-3.50 Advanced

Suggested Respondents per SBM Principle during
Principle I. Leadership and Governance
1.1 School Head/Asst. to the School Head
1.2 School Planning Team
1.3 Department Heads
1.4 Grade Level Coordinators
1.5 School Governing Council
1.6 GPTA President
1.7 LGU Representative
1.8 SSG President
Principle 2
 School Head
 Master Teacher
 Department Heads
 Grade Level Coordinators/Subject Area Coor
 GPTA Pres. Or rep
 Faculty President
 SSG rep
 School Governing Council Chair/rep
 Alumni President or rep
Principle 3
 School Head/Asst.
 School Planning Team
 Department Heads
 Grade Level Coor
 School Governing Council Chair/rep
 GPTA Pres./rep
 LGU rep
Principle 4
 School Head
 School Planning Team
 LGU/Brgy. Chair or rep
 School Governing Council/ BAC Team
 Property Custodian
 Inspectorate Team
Artifacts Needed
(pls see manual for
complete list)
Principle I
 TSNA Results of Teachers
 INSET Proposal
 SLAC Proposal
 Class Program
 Report on Training Needs of Teachers
 Munites of of Consultative Assembly
 Proposal on the re-orientation of SGC and PTA
 Child rights and child protection policy—signed
by the PTA, SGC, Brgy, LGU
 Reports of the gains of the project
 List of teachers enrolled in graduate
studies and those graduating (with permit
to study)
 Compilation of post-training reports with
 Compilation of narrative reports of
School-based seminars/trainings
Principle 2
 List of slow, average, fast learners- narrative,
accomplishment reports and intervention
done with pictures
 List of readers, frustration, non readers, etc--
narrative, accomplishment reports and
intervention done with pictures
 List of students with disabilities
 Nutritional status
 List of SARDO-narrative, etc.
 Reports on Family Mapping
 List of school age in the community
 Religious instruction schedule and permit
 4ps beneficiaries
 Anecdotal records
 Form 137-A/E
 List of localized materials
 List of topics integrated in the LP-suited in the
 Gulayan sa Paaralan—reports,etc.
 Remedial Instruction –complete report
 Teacher’s Guide (and the list goes on…pls see manual)
Principle 3
 Organized PTA/SGC
 Pledge of Commitments
 Minutes and Attendance of
Meeting/Parent’s Assembly
 Invitation letter to Parents
 SGC/PTA technical writing group-activities
 List of stakeholders
(pls see manual)
Principle 4
 Inventory of Facilities
 Updated reports of all resources (human &
 Functional canteen
 Sustainable IGP
 MOA of pledges/record of donations
 Turn over/acceptance documents
 List or donations received with pictures
 MOOE reports, etc.