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Inspired Teachers

Erin Hallal, Tara Herrera, Crystal Impeartrice,
Joe Jones, and Jason Rohde
ITL 600
Inspired Teachers Are:

 DEDICATED to their students and craft

 MOTIVATING the people around them to aspire to great things

 ETHICAL through maintenance of professional standards

Inspired Teachers:

 Learn from their students

 Strive for self-awareness and practice life-long learning

 Collaborate with their peers

 Seek new methods and practices

 Find ways to inspire individual greatness within the classroom community

 Model good learning habits

 Try, assess, adjust, and repeat

Principles of Ethical Teaching

PRINCIPLE I: Ethical Conduct toward Students

 Educators support parents as the primary moral models for their children

 Educators also implement civic duty by being a model of republic values

including: “integrity, diligence, responsibility, cooperation, loyalty, fidelity,
and respect-for the law, for human life, for others, and for self.” (n.d.)
Association of American Educators

 Educators provide an objective, yet responsive and kind leadership

Principles of Ethical Teaching
PRINCIPLE II: Ethical Conduct toward Practices and Performance

 Educators maintain accountability in their qualifications and contacts

 Educators strive to be worthy of imitation by leading with integrity

 They practice self-care physically, emotionally and mentally

 Educators are conscientious of how they support professional policy and can maintain this
responsibility separate from their personal views

 Educators remain virtuous and do not seek to personally benefit from funds in their charge
or their position of privilege
Principles of Ethical Teaching

PRINCIPLE III: Ethical Conduct toward Professional Colleagues

 Educators strive to be equitable in their relationships

 Educators maintain confidentiality, unless required by law

 Coercion and false statements are unacceptable

Principles of Ethical Teaching

PRINCIPLE IV: Ethical Conduct toward Parents and Community

 Educators strive to find and encourage harmony between public, boards of education,
colleagues and in group work in general

 Educators understand that diversity of cultures within community and classroom is to

be celebrated and respected

 Educators strive to have regular communication with parents, always keeping the
student’s best interest in mind
A Motivated Teacher:

 Shows up and executes the curriculum

 Develops an environment where the students feel safe, are motivated to

learn, and are challenged

 Further their own education to improve their teaching skills

Examples of Motivated Teachers

 Kathleen Thomas challenged her students by setting up an ability awareness

fair where students had to move around stations that represented different
physical and learning developmental disabilities

 Ev Nusic provides a safe learning environment through structure in her


 Ilene Hawker tells inspired teachers that, "we're still learners, we're the
teacher but we're learners"
A Dedicated Teacher is Someone Who:

 Shows up with a positive mindset

 Establishes a daily presence in their students lives

 Understands that they may be the most stable adults students see

 Provides comfort through the structure and unconditional love for

students in their classroom
Being a Dedicated Teacher Means:

 Knowing you will make mistakes

 Being there, showing up for them, and taking your profession seriously

 “Continues professional growth” (AAE, 2018)

 Being a role model for your students and always striving to improve yourself

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