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Collections Training

1. Basic skills of Operators
2. Basic skills of calls
3. Verbal communication
4. Listen
5. Structure of calling
6. Calling Script
7. Pre Collection
8. Soft Collection
9. Hard Collection
10. Broken PTP
11. Basic structure of calls to 3rd Person
12.How to selling Promo
13. Work with objections
14. Dealing with difficult situations
Basic skills of Operators
The best collectors have a range of skills that make them
successful – intelligence, intuition, the ability to be objective,
quick thinking to adapt to new situations, good diction and
communication skills, the ability to problem-solve, and some
charisma. However, collectors with these skills will not
succeed unless they simply listen and learn. Anyone can be
an excellent collector, as long as they have the ability to
listen, learn and take direction. Have fun out there!

1. Verbal skills
2. Understanding the Credit & Collection Process
3. Effective Telephone Voice
4. Listening Skills
5. Collection Techniques
6. Negotiation Skills
7. Overcoming Objections
Basic skills of calls
1. Listen .You guessed it; No. 1 on the list is listen. That’s it. You may be the
world’s best investigator, skip-tracer and location agent, able to find that
missing person that owes money, but what do you do when you finally
get them on the phone? You shut up and listen. They always have a story
to tell and they need to tell it, so listen to them.

2. Be Sensitive. Confidence is great, but a big ego will get you nowhere. The
debtor is already embarrassed enough about the situation so try to be a
little sensitive to their feelings. Do not yell at them, talk over them or
belittle them. Show some compassion and empathy; it goes a long way.

3. Keep Your Cool. No matter what, no call and no person is worth ruining Debt collector spends most of their time on the telephone.
The most important skill in a collector’s repertoire is verbal
your day and your mental well-being. If a debtor starts yelling at you, communication.
frustrating you with broken promises, or with bounced payments, take a
Negotiating payment arrangements on past due accounts is
deep breath and relax. This is just one case out of a hundred that you will the core of the collector’s job
work today. Do not sweat the small stuff. Let them have their rant; they
will run out of steam eventually.

4. Take Your Time. Collectors make this mistake all the time, especially those
who have been doing the job for a long time. Slow down. Speak in a
calm, even, well-paced voice. You will carry more of a sense of gravitas
and authority, your phone messages will be clear and well understood,
and you will perform more effectively.
Basic skills of calls
1. Be Clear and Concise. Speak with feeling and confidence. 4. Be Compliant. Make sure you stay within the bounds of
Yes, this is the fiftieth call you have made today, but, again, collection laws, make sure you do not act outside of your
show some compassion and sensitivity. Be transparent. Once agency’s rules, or the guidelines set down by the client. Do
you have identified you have the correct person, advise them not make inaccurate or false notes on a debtor file, do not
your name, the name of your company and why you are try to cherry pick the best cases or ditch cases without an
calling. Do not try to deceive them, as they will smell honest attempt to collect them. Integrity goes a long way
something is not quite right. Be up front and honest. and your reputation is on the line, so behave accordingly.
Do not kid yourself – you will be caught, and cost yourself
2. Understand Your Job. The role of a collection agent is working and your agency in the end. Be honest.
file after file, but understand the big picture. What are the
bankruptcy procedures? How will this affect the debtor’s 5. Do Not Waste Your Time. If you have spent 30 minutes on
credit rating? What are the legal procedures, if this were the the phone with a debtor over a $10 payment, you may be
case? If you are not one of the best collectors in the office, wasting your day. The best use of your time is arranging
watch and listen to what they do. Often key phrases that payments. Again, take a deep breath and decide – is this
motivate debtors, a specific tone or approach may be debtor going to pay? Make a dispassionate decision, end
necessary to succeed. Also, understand what your client the call with consequences if you can, and process the file.
wants. Do they want payment in full or would they be happy
with reduced lump sums? Do they want to accept 6. Have Fun.This is obviously a tough time for the debtors or
instalments? Make sure you know what the client wants out of can be embarrassing for the person you are dealing with
this deal. on the other end of the phone, so try to have a laugh at it
all. No harm in having a bit of fun while you do your work.
3. . Help Your Co-Workers. If you can, offer advice and This will put the debtor at ease and your day will go quicker
experience to other less-skilled agents in your office. Your if you are having fun and enjoying yourself. Debt collection
agency will only succeed through teamwork, and it is not can be a fun job – like any other. It all depends on your
“every man for himself”. attitude. So try and keep positive and show your funny side
with the debtors.
Verbal skills
Effective verbal communication can be challenging. Although we may be clear in
our minds about what we want to say, the words we use to express this can be
easily misheard, misunderstood or misinterpreted by the person we are talking to.

Be friendly. People who communicate with a friendly tone

and warm smile almost always have the edge. The reason is
simple: we are subconsciously drawn to people who are
friendly because they make us feel good and bring more
enjoyment to our lives.

Think before you speak. “Better to remain silent and be

thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all

Be clear.. When there is something you want to say, ask Speak with confidence. Speaking with confidence includes the words you choose, the
yourself, “What is the clearest way I can communicate this tone of your voice, your eye contact, and body language.
Focus on your body language . the position in which you are talking on the phone is
Don’t talk too much. Very few people like to be around transferred to the client
someone who talks too much and dominates the
conversation. Be concise. Very few things are more irritating to me than when someone can’t get to
the point of what he or she is trying to say. Plan ahead. Constantly ask yourself, “How
Be your authentic self People are attracted to someone can I say what needs to be said using the fewest number of words possible while still
who speaks from the heart and is genuine, transparent, and being courteous and respectful?”
Learn the art of listening. Being an attentive listener is more important in verbal
Practice humility. People who speak with humility and communication than any words that can come out of your mouth. You must show a
genuine respect for others are almost always held in high sincere interest in what is being said, ask good questions, listen for the message within
regard. the message, and avoid interrupting..
Listening is one of the most important skills you can have. How well you
listen has a major impact on your job effectiveness, and on the quality
of your relationships with others.

Key Points

It takes a lot of concentration and determination to be an active listener. Old habits are hard to
break, and if your listening skills are as bad as many people's are, then you'll need to do a lot of work
to break these bad habits.

There are five key techniques you can use to develop your active listening skills:

 Pay attention.
 Show that you're listening.
 Provide feedback.
 Defer judgment.
Listening is one of the most important skills you can have. How well you
listen has a major impact on your job effectiveness, and on the quality
of your relationships with others.

Becoming an Active Listener

. Pay Attention
• Put aside distracting thoughts.
• Don't mentally prepare a rebuttal!
• Avoid being distracted by environmental factors. For example, side
• "Listen" to the speaker's body language
.Defer Judgment
Show That You're Listening • Interrupting is a waste of time. It frustrates the speaker and
limits full understanding of the message.
• Smile and use other facial expressions. • Allow the speaker to finish each point before asking
• Make sure that your posture is open and interested. questions.
• Encourage the speaker to continue with small verbal comments like yes, and "uh • Don't interrupt with counter arguments.
huh.« • Show That You're Listening

Provide Feedback Respond Appropriately

• Reflect on what has been said by paraphrasing. "What I'm hearing is... ," and • Be candid, open and honest in your response.
"Sounds like you are saying... ," are great ways to reflect back. • Assert your opinions respectfully.
• Ask questions to clarify certain points. "What do you mean when you say... ." "Is this • Treat the other person in a way that you think she would
what you mean?" want to be treated.
• Summarize the speaker's comments periodically.
Structure of calling
1. Introduction. You should to introduce themselves and company

2. know thyself . Before you start calls, you must tune in to work. Set a goal for the
day, tune in to positive and welcome emotions in a positive mood

3. Know the customers. Understand to impact of this customers to your business .

Know the exact amount and reason for the overdue amount. Remember, when
you make the call, ask for the full amount and do not assume that there is a
Accent - try to minimize your accent / don't
4. Ask question. ask questions in essence: A) Does the client know about the late
mimic debtor
payment? B) why did the debt arise? C) why not paid until today? Volume - Speak up - but don't come on too
5. Listen . Give the customer the opportunity to tell their story. Clarity - Speak clearly / use good grammar

6. Make Notes. write important points A) reason for not paying B)dates C)amounts Tone - I isn't what you say, it's how you say it

Inflection - expression in your voice to create

7. Summarize the conversation: reason for delay and the way to solve it, payment interest
date underline the promise of the customer. Example: you have not paid your loan
because the detained salary, I take a personal promise to pay $100 until 15th
Promise to Pay
After when customers to tell you that they want to pay specify:

• the amount of payment

• the date of payment
• payment method
• Ask to dial you or send a receipt (for DPD> 15)

For customers with DPD > 15

Summaries PTP and don’t forget
• Ask additional number of phone
• Ask number of phone somebody from family
to use motivation
• Tell that they Promise recorder

* Make conversation with appoint data and time

Pre Collection
Customer: Hello
Operator: Hello, can I speak with mr. Aldi?
Customer: yes, it is me. Who are you?
Operator: I’m Indra. Can you speak right now?
Customer: Yes, why you call me?
Operator: I call you about your debt in Dr. Rupiah company. I would like to
remember you that you should to make payment 1 mln. IDR before Friday. Can
you tell me when you will pay?
Customer: Oh, sure. I’ll pay total amount on Friday morning.
Operator: mr. Aldi, you will pay before afternoon?
Customers: no, I’ll pay around evening.
Operator: mr. Aldi, I would like to summarize that you will pay 1 mln IDR on Friday
evening ?
Customers: Yes, it’s true.
Operator: ok, I’ll make mark about your promise to pay 1 mln on Friday evening.
Do you have any question?
Customers: No, thank you.
Operator: Thank you, have a nice day.

* Make conversation about Prolongation and Repeat Sales together wit Group
Soft Collection
Customer: Hello
Operator: Hello, can I speak with mr. Aldi?
Customer: yes, it is me. Who are you?
Operator: I’m Indra. Can you speak right now?
Customer: Yes, why you call me?
Operator: I call you about your 1 mln. overdue debt in Dr. Rupiah company. Why you didn’t make payment on 25th
Customer: Oh, I didn’t have money for payment, because all my salary was spend for family.
Operator: mr. Aldi, I understand your problem, also I understand that you have family. But when you take loans, you
understood that you must return this money?
Customers: yes, I was sure that I can pay, but right now it is impossible
Operator: mr. Aldi, I would like to know your propose how we can solve this problem?
Customers: I don’t know, I can’t to pay.
Operator: I would like to help you. First of all you can borrow money in your friends and pay min. 300 K after that we make
prolongation your debt for next 30 days. Are you agree?
Customers: Yes, I agree. I can pay this amount tomorrow

* Make conversation about Prolongation and Repeat Sales together wit Group
Hard Collection
Customer: Hello
Operator: Hello, can I speak with mr. Aldi?
Customer: yes, it is me. Who are you?
Operator: I’m Indra. Can you speak right now?
Customer: Yes, why you call me?
Operator: I call you about your 1 mln. overdue debt in Dr. Rupiah company. Why you didn’t make payment last month?
Can I know a reason?
Customer: Oh, I didn’t have money for payment.
Operator: Mr. Aldi, I understand your problem, but your should understand that your status is bad debtor. What sum you
will pay today?
Customers: I can’t pay today. I told you before.
Operator: mr. Aldi, yes, I remember that you tell about your problem, Do you have work?
Customers: Yes, I have.
Operator: when do you receive salary last time?
Customers: end of the month, why you asked?
Operator: mr. Aldi, my collagenous to call you 4 times and made a lot propose how you can solve problem with loans, you
receive salary and didn’t pay anything. May I know why you reject offer and didn’t pay?
Customers: because my salary is small, and I should to buy everything for my family
* Make conversation with more reasons together wit Group
Hard Collection
Operator: I understand that salary not so big, I also receive average salary.
But it is not a reason. You have responsibility for Dr. Rupiah and must to pay immediately
1 mln Rupiah, do not forget that your debt is growing. Can you borrower this sum in your
Customer: no, I can’t.
Operator: I would like to warn that you make situation so worst. I can help you, how much you can pay today?
Customer: I don’t know. Around 200 K
Operator should start discussion abut increase sum
Operator: Ok. Can you pay today 500K Rupiah and next part will pay on next month, do you Agree?
Customer: Yes, I’ll try to find money
Operator: Mr. Aldi, you should to understand that all our speech was record. We take decision that you pay today 500K and
500K next month. Please , don’t brake deals. I wait today your calls or sms or wa that you already make payment , and I
finish your offer on system. What time you can do this?
Customers: I can make payment around 8 o'clock .
Operator: Ok, I’ll wait info from you for finish our deals.
Customers: ok, I’ll do it.
Operator: ok, I fix your promise to pay. Don’t forget to send me confirmation. Have a nice day

* Make conversation with more reasons together wit Group

Broken Promise to Pay
1. Ask the reasons Broken Promise

2. Give information about negative effect

3. Tell customers that we can trust to they and we’ll start protect
our right

4. Ask more about family and work

Intonation - used strong intonation
5. Give last chance to make payment next 24 hours Voice - your voice should be stringent

Personality – don’t be shine, tell the customers

that they broke promise for you. Tell that you
can have problem on your work because you
trusted they.

Friendly - make friendly conversation,

customers should believe that you give they 1
more chance like friend
Broken Promise to Pay
Customer: Hello
Operator: Hello, can I speak with mr. Aldi?
Customer: yes, it is me. Who are you?
Operator: I’m Indra. Can you speak right now?
Customer: Yes, why you call me?
Operator: I call you about your promise to pay 500K, why you broke your promise?
Customer: Oh, I didn’t have money for payment.
Operator: Mr. Aldi, last time you personality H believed you and gave a chance. Right now you must to pay 1 mln. Or we
will start procedure to transfer your data to Collection Agency.
Customers: I’ll pay today 500k. I promise.
Operator: So sorry, you made promise a lot of time, and every time you broke. How I can trust you?
Customers: So sorry, I promise to pay 500K right now.
Operator: mr. Aldi, our speech to record. You have 24 hour to pay 1 mln, or I’ll transfer your data to CA. If you pay next 3
hour 500 K and send me confirmation I’ll give you last chance to have 2 payment. Do you agree?
Customers: yes, I’m agree. I’ll pay and send you?
Operator: ok. Can you give me some additional phone number?
Customers: why you need this?
Operator: I need to have some contact with you in future. ?
Customers: I give you my brother number
* Make conversation with more reasons together wit Group
Basic structure of calls to 3rd Person
1. Ask who answered
2. Ask do they know our customers?
3. Ask about relationship with customers
4. Introducing like that you are very important person (director, head of division )
5. Tell to 3rd person that your information very important to customers
6. Ask how you can find customers, ask about actual phone number
7. Regarding ask to transfer to customers information Example:

Mr/Ms ______ can has a big problem if we didn’t find how we can contact. Depend from
your side how we can solve his/her problem, can you urgent to transmit information, that
Mr/Ms to call us ASAP?

If 3rd person is family, tell about problem with debt (don’t tell details) and
don’t forget to use motivation ( we call often, problem with collection agency,
Field visit)

Attention: if 3rd person tell that he/she didn’t transmit info you should to tell that you are making calls until
contacted with customers. For 3rd person will be much better to help you.
How to selling Promo
1. Ask the customers how much he can pay, every time you should to ask to pay all

2. If customers cant to pay total OS, be patient and ask they to find all sum .

3. Be friendly, customers should to feel that you are the last chance (used all

4. Make conversation with customers that it is exclusive offer only for him/here

Example: mr/ms ______ I understood your problems, and I’m sure that you want to
solve your debt problem. Exclusively for you I can give offer to pay [ sum ], but your
should to understand that I can’t to give you long time for payment. Can you pay this
sum immediately?

After taken PTP summarize Promo and make focus that if he/she broke promise you can have problem, because you
protect customers.
Work with objections
Customers to find 100 reasons why they didn’t pay loans.

Popular reasons:
I didn’t have money - it’s don’t solve your problem, every day we calculate
penalty . Can you ask your family to help you?
Borrowing is a big liars, remember this.
I can’t to pay all amount - I understand your problem, I can help you if you
pay______ ( min, prolongation, promo) Don’t give chance to customers
to think that their reasons is
You can call me every day, I don’t want return money - if you ignored our calls important
we can handle your dent to Collection Agency. They can use Field collection, visit
your home or work. They pursue you long time and disturb you and your
family? Is it good way? How you think?

I lose my job - we understand your problem. Let me help your. How much you
can pay right now? If costumers hasn’t money or sum is not enough: can you
ask friend or family to borrow you [ sum] ? I can cancel your penalty if you pay [
sum] , if you don’t make payment we start to call 3rd person, can handle to CA,
can use Field.
Dealing with difficult situations
1. Be patient. Try to listen customers, give chance to tell their story

2. Be Polite. Don’t try to be rude with customers, it make dialog unviable.

You can lose chance to receive PTP.

3. Be Friendly. If customers to believed that you are friend they be more soft
for you.

4. Be important. Customers didn’t see you, they cant to check your position

3. Know when you can say NO . If your dialog become worse your should to
ask customers to repeat their clam. If you feel that dialog can’t to be you
should to tell that your will finish call.