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Air Brake Self Test

Whenever Air Brake Penalty is not

recovering by placing Auto Brake
handle to FS for 10 Seconds or 60
Seconds in Emergency and further
to Run, as per message displayed
by EM-2000
When BC Pressure is not
dropping to 0 on releasing
of DIR Brake Handle,

Air Brake Test

is to be conducted.
Whenever Penalty is not
1. Move Auto Brake to
Run, LT Switch to
Trail, wait for 10
Seconds and then
move back LT Switch
to Lead,
If still problem not
2) Change Control

if problem is not
3) Recycle MAB—
MAB Recycling Procedure

Stop the Train.

Secure the Control Stand:-
Switch Off the
Computer Control Breaker.
Switch Off MAB Breaker.
Wait for 30 Seconds.
Switch On MAB first
Computer Breaker Last.
Recover the Penalty as
per EM-2000 display.

4) If the problem is still not
Conduct Air Brake Self Test.
Secure the Formation.
(Auto Brake to Emergency)
Put Skids/Wedges. On wheels
Close BP/FP Pipe between the
Loco and Formation.
Ensure no leakages of Air from
both ends of the Loco, and
no leakages from Air Dryer,
MR-1, MR-2, J- Filters, ABD
Valves, Sanders, Radar
Blow etc.
Minimum MR Pressure on
Gauge should be
Ensure Control Stand is
TH- Idle
ER & GF-Off.
Isolation Switch-
Ensure Working Control
Stand L/T Switch is in
Lead and Non-Working
Control Stand in Trail.
On Working Control Stand Auto
Brake and DIR Brake
should be released and
on Non-Working Control
Stand Auto Brake should
be in FS and Independent
Brake should be in Full
On EM-2000 DDHU Press
Main Menu
Self Test
(Next Page )
Air Brake Test.
Press START to Continue.
(EM-2000 will display Air
Brake Test in Progress)
Wait till

“Test Successful ,
No Defects found”

message appears on EM-

Exit Test and Recover the
penalty as per EBV
If Test Fails repeat the Test
after ensuring the entry
conditions for the Test is
fulfilled, If again Test
Fails Change the Control
Stand and conduct Test.
If again the Test Fails,
note down the Fault Code
number on EBV Message
Display and inform
PRC/Shed along with the
Test Result.
If the Air Brake Self Test
Fails, Check:-
1) Bail Off Switch not
2) LT Switch not disturbed.
3) MR Pressure not dropped
below 8 Kg/Cm2.
4) Loco not moved during
5) Front Truck Brake
Cylinder Isolating COC is
not in closed position.
6)Auto Brake handle not in
Emergency Position
7) Asst Emergency Brake
handle not in applied