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 Cochran boiler
 Babcock and Wilcox boiler
 Benson boiler
 La Mont boiler
 Loeffler boiler
 Velox boiler
 It is used for steam generation at low rate.
 It is a fire tube boiler.
 It is a vertical, multi tubular, fire tube, internally fired,
natural circulated boiler
 Steam capacity 3500 kg/hr (max capacity 4000 kg/hr)
 Efficiency 70% to 75%.
1)Cylindrical shell: It is shell in which different parts of the
boiler are enclosed and on which the different mountings
are fitted.

2)Grate: It is platform in the furnace on which fuel is burnt.

3)Furnace(Fire box): It is a chamber formed by the space

above the grate and below the boiler shell in which
combustion takes place. It is also called a fire box. This
chamber contains hot gases produced by combustion of
4)Fire hole: it is the hole through which coal is added to the

5)Ash-pit: It is the area in which the ash of burnt coal is


6) Smoke chamber (smoke box): The waste gases are

collected here and then release to the chimney and then to

7)Man hole: It is a hole provided on the boiler shell so that a

work man can go inside the boiler for inspection, cleaning
and maintenance . Based on man shape and strength point
of view it is in oval shape. An oval shaped door or cover is
provided to close the man hole.
8)Hand holes: It is a hole provided on the shell to give easy
access for the purpose of cleaning the water tubes or some
other internal parts of boiler. They are also fitted with

9)Mud box: It collects all impurities present in the water. It is

at the bottom of barrel or shell. This impurities are
removed time to time by help of blow off cock.
10) Steam collecting pipe(Anti priming pipe): when the steam
leaving the boiler , it contains certain amount of water.
Anti priming pipe is used to separate water particles from
the steam and to collect dry steam from boiler. The water
having a much higher specific gravity than the steam, tends
to fall back as the steam moves upward. Also a deflector is
provided in the path of wet steam which change the
direction of wet steam , since water particles having more
weight and higher inertia, can not follow the steam path so
it fall back. This principle is used in steam collecting pipe.
1)It is compact and portable boiler therefore minimum
floor area is required

2)Initial cost of boiler is less

3)It can be moved and set up readily in different location

4)Quick and easy installation

5)Any type of fuel can be used ( coal or oil )

1)Steam raising capacity is less due to vertical design

2)Water along with steam may enter the steam pipe under
heavy loads due to small steam space

3)Efficiency is poor in smaller sizes


 This boiler is used when pressure is above 10 bar

 Capacity : 7000 kg of steam/hr

 It is used to operate high pressure.