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-Rajendra Nimje, IAS

Quick Predictions President, KP Astrologers Forum

Hotel Baseera, Secunderabad,
12 August 2018
Is the Quick
Why do we need prediction
Quick or Shortcut replacement to
methods? the Chart based
Why? KP is a Quick and KP Horary is a
accurate method precision tool to
compared to accurately answer
traditional Vedic whether the event
and Western will taken place,
systems how and when
Advantages of quick predictions

01 02 03 04
In absence of access to Today, we are in Early direction to client Where outcome in
Chart calculation, smartphone and helps to take quick yes/no is important and
software like ‘ASTRO’ - internet era – Client action like theft of not how and when.
e.g. astrologer travelling expects immediate mobile phone / Vehicle CHOOSING among
in bus or train and has answers to their /missing person multiple OPTIONS
to answer urgent need queries. Which company, which
of client college, which life
Gulbarga theory

Old and Popular method

If Ascendant Sublord is signifying Moon Starlord then the question can

be answered affirmatively

Offshoot - Ascendant sublord is starlord of Fortuna - positive answer

Simple method to confirm on yes/no

Success rate is very high


• Ascendant Sub Jupiter

• Moon in Jupiter Sign in 11th
• 11th Sub Mercury
• 3rd Sub Mercury
• Many
Theory of short predictions – Dr. KAR

F1 method - Starlord of
Based on Gulbarga Sub-Sub and not Sub Asc sub-sub lord if tallies
with Moon starlord or
Theory is the main factor Moon sub-sub lord then
the answer is positive

F3 method -(Planet A—sub sub lord of Asc—

is in the sub sub of planet B. Planet B is in
the star of Planet C. Now tally Planet C with
Moon Star lord or sub-sub lord. If tallies
then the answer is positive
General KP Short
• Labha (11th Cusp) Sub lord if signifying
Lagna then the answer is positive

• If Labha (11th Cusp) Sub lord is connected

to Main or supporting houses then the
answer is positive

• Lagna Sublord if signifying Labha then

the efforts will be put in a positive
Admission in

• 11th Sub Saturn

• Saturn owns 11
• Sat Star Mars owns 9th
• Higher Education House
Planets in RP - Owns
Very much useful and
which signs , total ,
popular for making a
get a single digit
choice from multiple
number -- > pinpoints
Options right option

Theory by
Rajendra Easy method
Based on Ruling

Pinpointing results
Option 1 = Khammam (Most probable as per my
Place of knowledge)
Posting Option 2 = Guntur
Option 3= Kurnool
Option 4 = Adilabad

The ruling planets on the September 14th , 2004

• Posting as District at 9.15 AM at Hyderabad are
Collector Ascendant Venus = 2+ 7 = 9
Moon Star lord Venus = 2+7 = 9
• Which Place?
Moon Lord Sun =5
• Learnt from sources on Day lord Mars = 1+8 = 9
• Son’s X standard Total = 32 =3+2 =5
Ruling planets(RPs)
• Best Quick Prediction method
• Based on Ascendant and Moon positions at the moment and at
the place where astrologer is working on prediction
• Guruji KSK has given the following RPs
• Ascendant Star Lord
• Ascendant Lord
• Moon Star Lord
• Moon Sign Lord
• Day Lord
• Rahu or Ketu if found in sign owned by any one of the above RPs
then they will be taken in RP
Presence of Saturn in RP indicates

Presence of Mercury indicates

multiplicity of efforts
Using RP for
short RPs if not favourable to houses
under consideration in natal chart
predictions then the answer is not positive

RPs in retro star will not be


RP gives clue about thief in case of


• 11th sub Rahu on 5th

• 6th Sub Mercury
• Doctor suggested CT
• SUN in 5, Mercury in 5
• 100% Recovery
• QP is not a substitute to chart analysis
• Very useful in the circumstances mentioned
but KP Astrologers should cast a KP horary
chart and have further analysis
• KP Horary(Time chart) and KP Number
Chart both are equally easy and fast to
analyse. Chart analysis throws light on
other aspects more than yes/no and also
helps in timing of events which is not a part
of QP
• Good Luck to all participants !