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Understanding the 5 Rs of

Management Software

Christopher Folmar
Co Founder/VP Technology & Products
What we will cover today:
• Why a management platform is important to your bottom line.
• What are the features most software platforms offer.
• How to evaluate different offerings to find what is right for you
• The 5 Rs
1. Reach
2. Relationships
3. Research
4. Retention
5. Revenue
Why should a small business use
management software?
1. Allows team members to work remotely.
1. At any time
2. From any location
2. Saves you time.
1. Time is money
3. Enables control of your/ your team’s schedule
1. Manage Appointments & Schedules
2. What staff is working on that day/week/month
4. Manage clients payments and business finances
5. Reduce paperwork and storage.
1. Easily create and store important records
Features Tell, but Benefits Sell

Features Benefits
• Student Management • Customer History & Insights
• Program Mgt. & Class Scheduling • Product Control & Time Management
• Billing & Invoicing • Cash Flow Management
• Marketing Automation • Customer Engagement
• Appointment Management • Time Management
• Client Portal • Client Engagement & Time Management
• Lead Capture/Nurturing • Improved Marketing ROI
• Reporting • Improved Productivity
• POS Technology •should
save time,Revenue
not cost it.
Free to spend your time doing what you love, and
getting paid for it.
How to decide which one is right for your
• Identify your business needs
• Today’s
• Tomorrows
• Determine what processes and systems you need to be successful.
• Document
• Automate
• Evaluate products based on how they can meet your needs.
How does it extend my Reach? Reach is the total number of
people exposed to you’re your
message in a given timeframe.

• Marketing Automation
• Email
• More opens on Mobile than desktop (Litmus “Email Client Market Share Trends” June 2018)

• 46% of all email opens on mobile device

• If not correctly formatted for mobile70% are deleted within 3 seconds. (2016 Adestra Consumer Adoption & Usage Study)

• Text
• SMS Open Rate 98%
• Response Rate of 45%
• Email open rate averages 20%
• Response Rate of 6% (Garnter)
• Auto-responders
• Integrations Into other Software Systems
• Calendars like Google Calendar
• Accounting Software like QuickBooks or Xero
It’s an app world. The web just lives
• Automated workflows like with Zapier in it.
• Mobile Applications
• 90% of of consumer’s mobile time is spent in apps
• Most mobile users spend more than 5 hours per day on their smartphones (Flurry Metrics 2018)
• Curriculum Management
• Messaging/Notifications
• Event Registration
How does it improve my Research?
“If you can’t
• The more we know about our business measure it, you
the better decisions we can make and the can’t improve it.”
better the performance of our business Peter Drucker
will be.
• Understandable reports allow the
differentiation between activities and
• Reporting reviews allow issues to be
spotted before they become problems
• 4 Ways SMBs can use data analytics to
improve their service
1. Track your leads
2. Track your client’s journey
3. Track your client engagement ”In God we trust, all others must bring data.”
4. Find ”Lookalikes” and target them with W. Edwards Deming
winning campaigns
How does it enhance my Relationships?
• Price or product is no longer the reason customers will choose you.
• By 2020 Customer Experience will be the lead brand differentiator when it
comes to buying decisions.(Walker 2020)

• 360-Degree view of your customer

• Track Attendance, Progress, Interest, Purchase History
• See how clients interact with your business
• Allows you to target your communications to multiple audiences
• Current Clients
• Former Clients
• Prospects & Leads
How does it increase my Retention?
• Provides a “Customer Journey” map and measures their progress
• Tracks key dates and times for each customer
• Class Attendance
• Time at Rank/Grade
• Shares Relevant Information
• Targets customers with specific offers
• Target communication across multiple channels with personalized offers
targeted by purchase history
• Parent’s Night Out
• Personalizes Interactions
How can it expand my Revenues?
There is a sixth R…