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Think, Pair, & Share

• Answer this question on a piece of

notebook paper:

• Think of the different things that you do

everyday. How is the government
involved in all the things that you do?
What would your life be like without
What is Government?

• A system of social control

under which the right to
make laws, and the right to
enforce them, is given to a
particular group in society.
• Fear is the foundation of
most government. - John
Types of
What is Dictatorship/Absolute Monarchy?
One-person rule. Ruler has total control.
Absolute monarchs are also dictatorships.
1. People may be united in 1. No Civil Rights
loyalty behind leader

2. Decisions can be made 2. Policies often only serve

quickly leader.

3. Decision is narrow - can

be flawed, wrong,
What is Oligarchy?
Form of government in which the power is in the hands
of a few persons or small group (who have the
combined power of a dictator.)
1. Decisions made quickly.
Same as Dictatorship
2. May provide expert
leadership while avoiding the (Needs and wants of the
danger of one-person rule. people are not necessarily
3. the most educated members
of society.
What is Direct Democracy?
Government in which all citizens have equal
power in decision making.
1. Every citizen has equal 1. Only works with small
power numbers

2. broad base of support

and loyalty.
2. Slow decision making.

3. Individual liberties are

What is Representative Democracy?
Government in which people elect representatives
who hold the decision making power.
1. Citizens are involved in 1. Decision making is time
decision making consuming..

2. Election depends on meeting

the needs of their constituents. 2. Representatives may not
agree with those they represent.

3. all elements of the population

are represented. 3. Lack of involved citizenry.

4. reps are educated and more-

capable citizens
What is exactly is a democracy?
• Power gained through elections
• Power of the government is limited by a
• The powers of government are spread
between differing bodies (separation)
• The powers are usually checked by
What is a Dictatorship/Absolute
• Power inherited or
gained through force.
• The power of the
government is limitless
or has few limits
• One group or small
group of people
usually have all the