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How to Deal With Geopathic

• Geopathic stress (GS) is a theory that the Earth resonates with energy
– namely, energy from its electromagnetic field with a frequency of
about 7.83 Hz (Schumann resonance). Although it lacks scientific
proof,[1] the basic idea is that this resonant energy affects human
health. Problems emerge when disruptions like underground streams,
sewers, water and electric lines, tunnels, minerals, and tectonic faults
distort the Earth’s natural energy. Adherents of the theory claim that
this “geopathic stress” and other kinds of electromagnetic pollution
cause illnesses ranging from fatigue, depression, and sleep problems
to diabetes and cancer. Should you be worried about geopathic
stress? Probably not.[2] However, some people think it is possible to
locate and resolve sources of geopathic distortion.
Think about what kind of geopathic stress is
affecting you
• Start with specific questions about the type of stress you are under. Is
there a stream flowing under your home? Or are there earth lines
crossing to create an overpowering disturbance in your dining room?
Try to be specific, as it may affect what solution you take.[3]You may
be dealing with not one but several sources of energy at once. The
distortion caused by an underground stream, for example, might well
cross and amplify the force of a geological fault or vortex.
• Keep in mind, too, that energy patterns can be cyclical rather than
constant. If your own energy and health fluctuate during the year, it
may point to the disturbance – for example, a seasonal underground
stream under your home.
Use a dowsing wand
• Dowsing is thought to be a way to discover subterranean water, minerals,
or other objects. The idea is to take a device like a wand, pendulum, or V-
shaped rod and hold it in front of you. The wand points to the ground
when you are standing over water or your desired object. While dowsing
has no scientific basis,[4] some people feel strongly that the attraction of
the wand to the ground is a result of electromagnetic energy. Try dowsing
yourself or bringing in a practitioner to help you discover the sources of
your energy disturbance.In order to dowse, you’ll need a wand or V-shaped
rod. Even a simple stick works. Start by holding the wand level in front of
you. Then, begin to slowly walk around the area in which you suspect there
is a disturbance. The wand will be attracted to the ground when you pass
over such an area.
• You can also use a pendulum to dowse, or two separate wands that cross
when you have located water or an object.
Use a compass
• Some people feel that compasses are also effective at locating
electromagnetic disturbances. To use one, hold it in your hand and
turn until the needle is pointing due north. Then, move the compass
over the suspected disturbance point. The needle will alert you of any
energy distortions by wavering back and forth.[6]Since it is hard to
hold a compass steady, this method is best for small areas like a bed,
chair, or sofa.