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Sales and promotion letter

Step by step-guide
There are some kinds of sales and promotion letter

1. Request for Appointment

2. Prospective Lead

3. Sales Letter to Client

4. Sales Letter to Current Client

5. Letter of Introduction

6. Follow-Up on Letter Sent

7. Delinquent Reply

8. Extremely Delinquent Reply

9. Requesting Customer’s Assistance

10. Sales Follow-Up

11. Confirming Sales Order

12. Reminder That a Sale Is About to End

13. Announcing a Sales Campaign, Promotion or

Incentive Program

14. Announcing a Sales Campaign to Preferred


15. Announcing New Products to a Select Group of


16. Announcing a Price Increase

Grand Greetings, Inc.
330 Big Bend St. • Charleston, SC 29410
February 22, 20XX
Harry C. Marker
Card Distributors, Ltd.
11 Fillmore
Atlanta, GA 30325

Dear Mr. Marker:

Your satisfaction is important to us. In order to continue to produce a high-quality product, we have recently
installed new high-speed, high-definition printing presses. This, along with the increased price of paper, has
forced us to increase our prices by 10 percent effective March 15. I have enclosed a brochure with the new
prices in it for your benefit. Orders received before March 15 will be filled at current prices.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter. We feel that these increases will still allow you to sell these
superb cards at competitive prices. We hope you will let us know immediately if there is any way we can
serve you better.



K. Charles Grand

17. Transmittal With Instructions
18. Transmittal With Instructions
19. Transmittal With Request
20. Transmittal With Suggestion
21. Transmittal With Information
22. Transmittals With Sales Information
23. Transmittal to Current Client
Roger Publications Inc.
8560 College Blvd.
Overland Park, KS 66210

September 21, 20XX

Joan Morris
NWTC Advertising
P.O. Box 27308
Madison, WI 53707

Dear Joan:

As you mentioned Tuesday, identifying the exact number of

working women - single, married, with children and those
without children - in today’s market is not an easy task. That’s
why Roger Publications is constantly working to keep you
informed about projected industry trends and changes when U.S.
Census data becomes outdated.
Finding a unique approach that will influence these key customers
is a challenge, also. The Working Women’s Guide figures (attached)
are designed to give you insight and information to make your job easier.

I hope this information continues to help you make key marketing

decisions for both AMC and Verasweet.

Best regards,
Rebecca Ruddy
Account Supervisor

P.S. Thank you for AMC and Verasweet’s continued support for
Roger Publications.