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The Next Generation of Aviation Professionals

Outreach WG Annual Meeting

Deliverable Update 2016

Lori J. Brown, FRAeS

NGAP Outreach Chair
Western Michigan University, Associate Professor
Outreach member 2017 deliverable assignments
Lori Brown Outreach Chair, NGAP. Associate Professor, WMU Western Michigan University, USA
IPTA Council and Outreach WG IPTA, NGAP
Dawn Flanagan Technical Officer ICAO
Miguel Marin C/OPS ICAO
Fadimatou Noutchemo President YAAPA
Frank Hofmann IAOPA Representative to ICAO IAOPA
Gong Jianyu Secretary General CAAC Dream Flight Foundation
Jorge E. Calaf Dean University of Puerto Rico JCALAF@BAYAMON.INTER.EDU
Kevin Caron Head, Global Training & Developing Nations Airport ACI
Assistance Programme
Kirsten Riensema Air Navigation Commissioner United Kingdom
UK Alternate Representative to ICAO
Laurent Fournier Head of MCTA/ATCO Training Programme Ecole Nationale de l'Aviation Civile, France
Lynne McMullen Director Business Development School of Aviation Seneca College Lynne.McMullen@senecacollege.
Board of Directors, AABI ca
Mavis Chung Senior Manager (Aviation Industry Division), CAAS Singapore
Ousama Al Balaa RAeS IPTA, Outreach Stream Bavicon
Sherry Saehlenou President Avion Training
Suzanne Kearns Associate Professor, University of Waterloo
President, University Aviation Association
Tilmann Gabriel Assistant Professor/Director MSc Aviation IPTA
Victoria Romero Manager Training and Licensing IATA
Sandra Wagner FAA Flight Standards Service Project Manager FAA

Dev Samarajeewa* *Virtual Sri Lanka- CAASL

Ceci Shirley AABI
NGAP Outreach -2016 in review
• To view video click here
Communications and Publicity Subgroup
Lead Victoria, Sherry

C1- NGAP Outreach Newsletter

1. Define audience and develop mailing list to distribute

the NGAP Newsletter (Dawn, Victoria, Kevin)
– Identify and contact organizations that could
support/provide lists or send the Newsletter to their
contact lists (e.g., IATA and ACI training departments)
C1- NGAP Outreach Newsletter
2. Develop communication strategy to get
information for Newsletter (Victoria, Sherry)
– 2017 timelines have been set and will be distributed
to stakeholders
– Conference calls with stakeholders will be scheduled
– More focus on other professional areas (other than
– Coordinate with events groups and partners
NGAP Outreach Newsletter Guidelines
NGAP Outreach Quarterly Newsletter - Guidelines and Publication Deadlines

The 2017 NGAP Newsletter will be distributed following the schedule below. The newsletter
will also be featured on the ICAO NGAP website.

 First quarter / Q1 publication: 15 Feb 2017  Third quarter / Q3 publication: 15 Aug 2017
Deadline for submissions: 27 January 2017 Deadline for submissions: 28 July 2017

 Second quarter / Q2 publication: 15 May 2017  Fourth quarter / Q4 publication: 15 Nov 2017
Deadline for submissions: 21 April 2017 Deadline for submissions: 25 October 2017

All articles and images need to be sent to Sherry and Victoria by the deadlines indicated
above at the following email addresses:

Sherry Saehlenou:

Victoria Romero:

Approximate Word Count: Between 150-250 words

Image/Photos Requirements: Please submit up to 4 images/photos in a .jpg or .pdf

format. We will include 1 or 2, depending on space
C1- NGAP Outreach Newsletter
3. Facilitate community-based outreach

– Use social media to promote events (Dev)

– Guidelines on how to share posts on the NGAP
Facebook account will be sent to all NGAP members
– Presentation for NGAP at ICAO (GAT) Training
Symposium in April in Ethiopia (Deborah)
C3- NGAP Publicity
• Develop video campaign and disseminate with community outreach
mechanisms. (Lori, IPTA-Ousama, Jorge, Deborah, Laurent)
• Produced sample career video – click here to view video
• Next steps-NGAP who are we, YAAPA Africa, and other aviation
• Dropbox for images and video-coordinate with Implementation
• Photo release completed
• Coordinate video overlays with print material
• Generated new QR code
NGAP student focus groups
• Provide input
• Beta test outreach videos
• Provide content
C-3) NGAP Website-(Fadi, Dev)
• Gain a better understanding on who are the
people who visit the NGAP web pages and how
many people visit them
• Review existing pages and suggest updates and
improvements (Mavis, Darius)
C-3) NGAP Website
3. Create page “Outreach Activities around the World”
where the Newsletter will be uploaded to create
more awareness on the different Outreach
4. Create more awareness on the NGAP webpages
through promotion in the Newsletter, NGAP
Facebook, etc.
C-3) NGAP Website
5. Gather data/links/content for the revised NGAP website
6. Develop procedure to help support/promote global
events and STEM by publicizing events/activities on
ICAO website, and community
Events Sub-group

• ICAO Organized NGAP Related Events

(Kirsten, Deborah, Lori)
• 1. Discuss theme, agenda, develop list of
potential speakers for NGAP Global
• 2. Discuss input to GAT Symposium
Events Sub-group
Lead-Lynne, Ceci
• Coordinate with Halldale to define our role- as needed to support
Halldale with SECA
• Roundtable Meeting with ICAO, IPTA, NGAP, and U.S. Regional
Airlines and RAA to determine how NGAP and IPTA can assist with
immediate needs (Lori, Lynne, RAA, ilmann, Miguel)
• Outreach Mini-Meeting (Lori) Orlando, FL May 1, 2017
• Input and presentations for the AABI annual meeting (July 17-21
2017) Michigan (Ceci, Lori, Lynne and Jorge). Coordinated with
Linda (HR at ICAO)
External Outreach Activities
• Not included in WG tasks
• Collaboration with IAOPA (Lori, Frank)
• Will promote external outreach activities such
as: Dreams Soar, Air Adventure, NGAP
textbook and Aviation Ambassador program
in the newsletter, webpage etc.