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• When the person to whom the proposal is made

signifies his assent thereto, the proposal is said
to be accepted. A proposal, when accepted,
becomes a promise.

• When proposal is accepted then it is also called

contract. Both parties are liable to perform their
duties relating to Contract.
Mr.Ali offered to sell his Car to
Mr.Hasnain at Rs.2,000,000 Mr.Hasnain
accepted his offer .It is called a contract.

Mr. Ali
Mr. Hasnain
Essentials of a valid acceptance
•It may be express or implied
•It must be communicated to the offeror
•It must follow the offer
•It must be absolute & unconditional
•It must be given within reasonable time
•It must be in a prescribed manner.
Communication of offer, acceptance and
• Communication of Offer
• Communication of Acceptance
• Communication of Revocation
Time for Revocation of offer and Acceptance
• Time for revocation of proposal
• Time for revocation of acceptance
• Ali advertises in a newspaper that he would pay
Rs.100,000 to anyone who traces his missing
son. Hasnain traced that boy and claimed the
amount of reward. State whether Hasnain is
entitled to receive the amount of reward if:

• a) He did not know about the reward.

• b) If he knew about the reward
• X offered to sell his car for Rs1,000,000 to Y.
• Y replies I will pay Rs.900,000 for it.
• X refuses to sell at this price.
• Y then attempts the original offer but X refuses to sell his

• Discuss the legal position.

Haider delivered a coat to Afraz, dry cleaner, for dry
cleaning and took the receipt. On the back of receipt,
certain conditions were printed in English language. One
of the conditions printed on the back was “ The liability of
the dry cleaner company shall be limited to the 50% of
the cost of the goods.” Haider never looked at the back
of the receipt. Haider ’s coat was lost and Haider claimed
the actual value of the coat.
Discuss the legal position in each of the following
alternative cases:
1. If there was nothing on the face of the receipt to
draw the attention to the condition printed on the
back side and Haider was a graduate in English.
2. If on the face of the receipt, the word ‘See Back’
were printed in English but Haider did not read it.
• Mr .Ahsan promises to pay Rs.10,000 per month to his
son but fails to pay the promised amount. Can son claim
this promised amount in court?

• X sent a letter from Agrah by post to Y (He lives in Delhi)

to sell his Car for Rs.1,000,000.

• This letter is posted on Jan 1,2010 and reached Y on Jan


• Y sent his acceptance by post on Jan 10,2010.

• But X received the letter of acceptance on Jan 15,2010.

• Answer the following cases separately:

• When is communication of offer complete?

• When is the communication of acceptance complete as

against the offerer?

• When is the communication of acceptance complete as

against the acceptor?

• If X sends a telegram on Jan 8,2010 revoking his offer,

and his telegram reaches X before the letter of the
acceptance is posted. Is revocation of offer is valid?

• If Y sends a telegram on Jan 14,2010 revoking his

acceptance and this telegram reaches X before the letter
of acceptance is received by X. Is revocation of
acceptance is valid?