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How To Dress for


Skans Islamabad
 Bringing The Best Package

 Hygiene & Dress

 The Finishing Touches

 Dinning Etiquette
Personal Image
Personal Image
 How we look, sound and behave should create a
window into, not a barrier against, who we really are.

 Because the world does not take time to get to know
us, we go through life somewhat misunderstood.
Self Image The thoughts
become you.
 Your self-image is your
"I am" definition.

 It's your self perception

or your mental picture of
how you look.

The person you see is the

person you will be
Self Image
 Your opinion or attitude about yourself determines your:

 Personality,
 Behavior,
 Actions; and
 How you interact with others.

A negative self image affects your self esteem.

How are attitudes formed?
Our Self Image Limits We Can Enhance Our
Our Happiness Self Image

The Question is…..

How to Project a Better Self Image?

 Liking your body

 Changing your mental

image of your self

 Create new reference


 Questioning your limiting


 Canceling and replacing

your negative talks
Remember ….

``You Never Get a Second Chance to Make

The First Impression…! ``

So, make the first

impression count
When we look, sound and behave on the
outside like who we are and what we value on the
inside, we more easily attract what we want.

“You Are Not What You Want To Be …….

You Are What You strive To Be …..”

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Why all the fuss?
 To create a brand image of U.

 When others think of U they should be able to

have an image of the professional U

 Qaid-e-Azam Sahib
 Abdul Sattar Edhi Sahib
 Gandhi
Which one would you choose?
Remember the saying!

Never judge a book by its cover

Which Oil Will You Trust More?

What would make you buy this oil? Why would you choose this oil?
Ability and Visibility

 The difference between

 What I can do and how I look?

 Let’s watch a video clip (adopted from the movie

Pursuit of Happiness)
Ability and Visibility
Ability and Visibility
 Which approach is best for you:

 Inside out
 Outside in

Do you think these examples
have any relevance to how you
package yourselves?
Corporate Dressing

1. Dressing is an Art.

2. It is up to us to define what is good Art and what is

bad Art
Dressing involves choice and is
a matter of taste.

Let us take a visual journey

to see

What is ‘tasteful’ and what is

Note: The above combinations are excellent with blue and black suits
The good business Sweaters
Key tips on shirts, ties and Sweaters
Do’s Don’ts
 Preferred Colors (for plain  Dark &florescent colors
shirts/sweaters) White/ Off (black, purple, orange,
White, light blue and light gray. brown, etc)

 Thin stripes in conservative

 Thick striped checks
colors (Shirts)

 Striped ties go excellently with  Busy pattern for sweaters

plain shirts
 Striped shirts with striped
 Bubble printed ties with plain ties

 Paisley ties with plain shirts  Check shirts with check

pattern or busy patterns ties
Men’s Jackets and Suits
Key tips for suits
 Blacks, Navy blues, grays, charcoal grays are the traditional colors for

 The fit is as important as the color and the fabric.

 Always remember that you are the face of the organization

 You must also never forget

 1st impressions are lasting

 We may never get the 2nd chance to make the first impression
Shalwaar Kameez
 Safe color is black and
the most favored
styles are brogue, half
brogue, oxford, and
monk shoes for a
proper formal look.

 Loafers are also


a strong outdoor shoe with ornamental

perforated patterns in the leather.
Key tips for shoes
 Keep them shining, shining & shining

 If easily available use shoe trees to ensure long


 Black socks are the safest, or of the same color

as the trouser
Definitely yes!
A May be
Definitely not!
Safe Belts
Definitely Not!

These are worn with

jeans and casuals
Tips for shoes and belts
 Focus should be on simplicity and elegance

 They should not create distraction away from the

business on hand

 Avoid logos

 Belt must always match the shoe color

Personal Development Plan
Name: Date:

Objectives Success criteria Actions Implementation

How will I recognize
What do I want to success? What methods will I use How will I practice and
be able to do or do How will I review and to achieve my learning apply what I learn?
better? measure my improvement? objectives?

Personal Development Plan

Assignment: Personal Grooming
Exercise (Max Marks: 05)
 Students will write a short report on how they will groom themselves
and manage weight. The report will comprise of the following:

 Make a healthy plan of meal for your office

 Also explain how you control your weight

 Exercise plan

 Diet plan

 Hair / Skin type and treatment ;

 Include any particular area that you would like to improve to project a
better image of your self.