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Presented by: Nayyab Ahmed


• Chaudhary limited was incorporated in 1984 as a Public limited

• The name of Chaudhry Dairies limited was changed to Haleeb
Foods Limited with effect from February, 2004.
• Commercial production started in1986 & the company reached its
breakeven in the year 1992
Mission Statement of Haleeb Foods
• “To build branded food business and to improve quality of life by
offering tasty, affordable and highly nutritional products to our
consumers while maximizing share holder’s value”.
Vision Statement of Haleeb Foods
• Most innovative and fast growing food company offering products
enjoyed in “every home every day”.
Product range
Haleeb has segmented its product portfolio in three leading brands
• Haleeb
• Candia
• Tropico
The products can be divided into following ways
• 1.Consumer products
• 2.Industrial products
• 3.Exports

1)Dairy Products 2) UHT Milk

• i. Daizy Butter i.Haleeb Nutrious Thick Milk
• ii.Nutrious Thick Milk ii.Dairy Queen
iii.Candy Up Flavored Milk
• iii.Daizy Yogurt
iv.Skimz Liquid Milk
• iv.Liquid Tea Whitener v.Skimz Powder Milk
• v.Powder Tea Whitener
• vi.Daizy Cheese
• vii.Asli Desi Ghee
3) Tropico:
• i.Tropico Nectar
• ii.Good Day 100% Pure
• Haleeb Skimmed milk Powder (SMP) was introduced in 1992.
Apart from internal use, it is also sold as bulk products. Instant
Full Cream Milk Powder (IFCMP) was introduced in 1996. Both
products are sold in 25 kg bags. Excess milk fat is sold
unprocessed to makers of butter, ice cream and sweeteners, or at
request is turned into ghee.
• CDL started exporting its products in 1999 and has done business
with customers in Korea,Afghanistan and china, United Kingdom.
The company is not only supplying products nation wide but also
currently exporting its products to Afghanistan, Bangladesh,
Europe and America. It exports Desi Ghee to South Africa.
Cream, milk and fruit juices to Uk. Powdered milk and ghee to
Qatar. It is also planning to export its products to Canada,Dubai
and Uzbekistan
The targeting strategy that Haleeb Foods uses is
undifferentiated for all the market that is they have a same
marketing mix for the complete market and they take the whole
market that includes all the people with different usage of the
• Haleeb is currently serving its product to mass market that means
that they have not segmented their market. They are serving their
product to everyone. Milk is a product which generally does not
need to be segmented because it is required in every household.
• In case of Haleeb, their marketing strategy is to create market
positioning They have positioned their product in minds of
customers as a quality product

• Haleeb Foods have adopted a customer driven approach and
regularly conducts environment analysis to check consumer
lifestyles, competitor’s products and advancements in technology.
• Currently Haleeb is available in three sizes i.e. quarter, half and
liter packs
• Packed in easy to open, 6-layered Tetra Pak Brick Aseptic
packaging, it comes with a 3 months shelf life
• Haleeb is using market penetration pricing strategy for their
product since it is not performing well now days.
• So in order to survive this phase Haleeb is focusing on
penetration pricing.
• Haleeb can introduce Quantity Discount.
• Prices of different packs are as follows
 quarter: Rs 50
 half: Rs 75
 litre: Rs132
Currently Haleeb is doing promotion equal to zero. They are not
giving any advertisements. They are not doing other type of
promotional activities like displaying their product in an attractive
manner in big stores. While its competitors Milk Pak and Olpers are
doing all kinds of promotional activities.
• Place include three major areas that are Industrial,
Shopping, Residential area. It is difficult for people to go
to factory to get Haleeb’s products. Its products are
available in shopping areas and residential areas. They
distribute there products nationally and internationally
through out the world. Haleeb Foods are distributed using
an indirect channel, that is,dealers.
Producer Distributors Retailers Consumers

• This diagram shows that Haleeb is passing through producers to their

distributors that will distribute Haleeb to different retailers and markets then
the consumers will buy Haleeb from retailers.
• Haleeb is currently available in the market but it is not available in every store
or shop. Haleeb cannot be easily found.
SWOT Analysis

• Strength
i. It includes Natural Enrichments which are healthy for human body.
ii. It is Hygienic which is good for human health.
iii. It is the thickest milk in the market which is also its unique selling
iv. It has good tetra pack packaging which sustains quality.
v. National brand having good repute over international brands
vi. Experience of more then 20 years in the market
vii. Quality improvement
viii. Pioneer of flavoured milk
• Weakness
i.The Distribution Channel of Haleeb is not good. Its product is not
distributed everywhere.
ii.They are doing Less Promotions which is causing Haleeb to fall
iii.Communication gap
iv.Uncertain economic and political conditions of the country effects
them as the product is sensitive.
v.Haleeb was out of the promotional scene from 5-6 months when
Olpers was launched.
• Opportunity:
i.The company can distribute Haleeb everywhere and in new
markets like rural areas so it can increase its market share.
ii.Getting international contracts with England, Middle East,and
Holland, Afghanistan
iii.Haleeb can import its food items and juices to middle east
iv.They can produceflavoured yougurt, icecream and milk products
like kheer and firni
v.They can go for joint venture with other companies to attract the
market share
• Threats:
i. There are large number of competitors present in the market like Milk
Pak,Olpers, Nurpur, Good Milk and some imported brands.
ii. A large number of consumers are brand loyal to Milk Pak and Olpers so it is
hard to break brand loyalty.
iii. There is a fierce competition because the advertisement campaigns of
different competitors are very good.
iv. New entrants.
v. Milkman providing open milk and even delivering it to the door step.
vii. Dependency on contractors for the supply of milk.
Haleeb has a 38% of the total market share. They are the market
challengers. The market leader is of Nestlé’s with 44% of market

The major competitors of haleeb food limited are
Olpers was introduced in 2006 Olper’s
is available in three distinct pack sizes
& packaging formats;
• Ecolean 250ml
• Tetra Brik Edge 1000ml with cap
• Tetra Brik 1500ml with cap.
Olpers include Olpers milk, Olpers
cream, Olpers tarka
• Nestle a Switzerland based company has been serving
Pakistani consumer since 1988 when it first acquired the
shares in Milk Pak. Nestle is offering the following
products in dairy line Milkpak, Nestle Bunyaad, Nesvita,
Nido, Nestlac, Everyday, Nestle Dahi, Nestle Fruit Yogurt,
Nestle Raita and Milk Pak Cream

• Nestle is the market leader

• Engro foods established in 2004 are nicely on its way to grab a handsome
portion of market share It has got 10% of the market share in dairy industry
of Pakistan
• Top Quality brands like Olpers, Olwell, Tarang, Omore and Owsum have
been successfully launched under the helm of company’s dairy products
• Haleeb Foods have grabbed 38% of the market share
• The remaining share of the market has been with the small competitors and
milk man providing non branded milk in the dairy industry of Pakistan.
• The reason why Haleeb’s market share has decreased is because
new competitors have entered into the market like Olpers, Nurpur
and Good Milk. They have done extensive promotional activities
and attracted consumers to buy their product.
• Haleeb’s distribution channels are also not good and their product
is not delivered at every store and shop.
• They are not doing any promotional activity which is also affecting
their sales. .
• Haleeb Milk which is ranked as a STAR in the product line of Haleeb Foods
has been seriously challenged by the aggressive advertisement campaigns
of OlPERS.
• It has been proved through research that Olpers have advertised itself 60%
more than Haleeb milk
• There are still a large number of products that have not been advertised yet
and hardly anyone is aware that they are launched or available in the market.
People don’t know about the most of the products of HALEEB FOODS
SKIMMZ liquid milk

• Haleeb food Ltd. should allocate a healthy budget for advertising its products, if really wants
to compete at par with its direct competitors.
• The activities like customer satisfaction day should be performed on regular basis so the
company should know the feedback and satisfaction level of customers regarding the
product and the image of the company.
• There is no check on the performance of the distributor, and this has led to huge problems in
the delivery of many products in some areas of the city.
• Haleeb is not concentrating on the country wise basis; its major focus is only at Lahore and
adjacent areas.
• Haleeb has to change its perception of milk for tea only, as it is not taken as milk for general
consumption, so it looses a large chunk of consumers in the packaged milk market.
• Haleeb has launched too many products; it really needs product analysis and cut down its
product line, only leaving the profitable brands or the brands with some good potential in the