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Gloria, Princess | Repollo, Leonard Jessie | Reyes, Chrisjohn Paul Angelo |

Quisumbing, Jinky | Tenio, Vanessa
Engr. Yoshiki B. Kurata
Executive Summary and Project Ration
1 ale

2 Problem Statement
Problem that you want to solve

3 Product Idea
Content O Product concept solving the problem

utline 4 Initial Target Market

Who will be the primary consumer of the product

5 Competitors
Both Local and International

6 Product Competitive Advantage

Executive Summary
Fish Freshness Detector

Project Rationale
Fish Freshness Detector
Project Rationale
Fish Freshness Detector

Chrisjohn Paul Angelo C. Reyes

From Masambong Quezon City with a position of Chief Executive Officer of JPLAV Company
Princess Camille L. Gloria

From Pasig Marikina City with a position of Chief Finance Officer of JPLAV Company
Jinky M. Quisumbing

From Fortune Marikina City with a position of Chief Production Officer of JPLAV Company
Vanessa G. Tenio

From Fairview Quezon City with a position of Chief Manufacturing Officer of JPLAV Company
Leonard Jessie P. Repollo

From Fortune Marikina City with a position of Chief of Human Resource Officer of JPLAV Co
Mission and Vision
Fish Freshness Detector

Mission to Be Achieved

JPLAV is committed to provide food security, welln

ess, equity, excellence and choice accuracy in order Vision to Be Shared
to produce a success, smart and quality choice that i
s accessible for everyone. Thus, JPLAV thrust is co
ntinuous integrity for a world class chasing flavors. In the year 2025, JPLAV sees itself to be:
1. A leading company through innovative technology and pro
2. A pioneer problem solver by providing solution through se
nsor technology and programming.
Product Concept
One wide image and description

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Today Is Another Day

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The Power of PowerPoint | 12

SWOT Analysis
4 alphabets and bullet lists