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Ronald B. Rivera
• Unit 1
• Introduction to Information and Communication Technology
• Rules of Netiquette
• Advanced Word Processing Skills
• Advanced Spreadsheet Skills
• Advanced Presentation Skills
• Imaging and Design for Online Environment
• Online Platforms for ICT Content Development
• Basic Web Page Creation
• Collaborative ICT Development
• UNIT 2
• Interactive Multimedia
• ICT Platforms for Change
• ICT Project for Social Change
• ICT Project Publication and Statistics
• ICT Project Maintenance
• The Disadvantages of ICT


Grading System
• Written Work – 25 %
• Performance Task – 45 %
• Quarterly Examination - 30 %
Beginning Activity
• Use a small sheet of paper and write a
word that would describe a current trend
in ICT (Information and Communication
• Be prepared to share your output
Introduction to ICT
Information and Communication Technology
What is ICT?
• Deals with the use of different
communication technologies such as:
Mobile Phones, Telephone, Internet
,Etc, Use to locate, send, save and edit
ICT in the Philippines
• Several Information companies dub
the Philippines as the “ICT Hub of
Asia”. It is no secret that there is a
huge growth of ICT-related jobs
around the country, one of which is
the call center or BPO (Business
Process Outsourcing).
ICT in the Philippines
• In data gathered by the Annual
Survey of Philippine Business and
Industries, NSO in 2010, the ICT
shares 19.3 % of the total
employment population here in
the Philippines.
ICT in the Philippines
• To add to these statistics, Time Magazine’s
“The Selfiest Cities around the World” of
2013 places two cities of the Philippines in
the Top 1 and Top 10 spots. The study was
conducted using Instagram, a popular
photo sharing application.
• With these numbers, there is no doubt
that the Philippines is one of the countries
that benefits most of out ICT.
ICT in the Philippines
• According to 2013 edition of Measuring
the Information Society by the
International Telecommunication Union,
there are 106.8 cellphones as per 100
Filipinos in the year 2012. That would
mean that every 100 Filipinos you meet,
there is a high chance that they have a
cellphone. And approximately for the
seven of them, they have two.
• To fully understand the importance of ICT, let us
first look at our community.
• Conduct a short interview to a business
owner/someone who is planning to put up a
business using the guide:
Nature of Business:__________________________________________________

Guide Questions:

1. What are the different ways of customers and/or suppliers to contact you?
2. How often do you use a phone or cellular phone for business? Estimate only.
3. Does your establishment have internet connection? If yes, what is its purpose? If no,
would you consider having it in future? Why or why not?
4. Does your business have a website? If yes, how does it help your company? If no, would
you consider having one in the future? Why or Why not?
5. (If applicable) Would you consider giving Free Wi-Fi Access in the future? If you already
have it, does it help boost your sales?
• What is the difference of Static from
Dynamic Web?