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Abegail C. Villa
• How many times have you checked your phone
this morning?
• How many status updates have you posted in
Facebook, Twitter or Instagram today?
• Did you use the Internet/mobile for an hour after
you woke up this morning?
What is ICT?
• It deals with the use of different communication
technologies such as mobile phones, telephone,
Internet to locate, save, send and edit information.
• ICT can be defined as the use of hardware and
software for efficient management of information.
ICT in the
• Philippines is dub as the “ICT Hub of Asia”
because of huge growth of ICT-related jobs, one
of which is BPO, Business Process Outsourcing,
or call centers.
• Time magazines declared Makati City, Philippines-
Rank 1 as the “Selfiest Cities around the world,
and Rank 9 is Cebu City.
ICT in the Context of
Global Communication

Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

plays an important part in our lives and all aspects in our
society. ICT has become the main method of
communication, getting information and education,
attaining services, from businesses, hospitals, utilities,
government, purchasing products and services, doing
personal and business transactions, and expressing
social advocacies and awareness.
• Modern homes have computers for research and learning by
students and the family for school lessons. They are also
used to learn about other people, places, current events,
and recent technologies.
• Computers in schools are used for fast, easy and effective
instruction and learning in Computer, Math, Science and
English. Teachers use images, videos and Computer-Based
Training (CBT) programs to present topics visually to
enhance learning.

• Courses on the Internet called Online Instructions are

available to learn various lessons such as origami, cooking,
and even earn a college degree.
• Libraries are now equipped with computers to organize
books and to expand the references available to the
students through the internet.
• Students use computers to type reports, do their assignments, and
communicate with teachers.
• Schools use computers to keep the database of information about the
school and its students.

Classroom Library Topic Presentation


• Computers in homes, schools, private and government

offices, hospitals, and almost everywhere are used to get in
touch with other people. Everyone uses the computer to
send messages and other information all over the world.
Computers are used to send letters, pictures, video clips,
and music. Talking to and seeing friends, relatives and
acquaintances are made easier and a lot cheaper by the use
of computers connected to the internet.

• Computers are also used in the mobile phone

communications to control calls and SMS (short message
service) or text traffic.
• VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a voice communication
application via the internet, which costs less than traditional

Web servers Mobile Phone SMS VoIP

• Shops and supermarket use software which calculates the bills and
efficiently processes both cash and credit transactions. Online shopping
continues to grow in popularity since it provides a lot of choices for items
and pricing from various sources, as well as the convenience of doing
everything at home or place where you would rather be.

Supermarket Online Shopping

Sports and
• There are simulation software where athletes can practice
their skills, and the computer will identify the flaws in their
• Use of computerized fitness programs, gadgets, and
Sports and
• Computers in television stations and movie outfits are used
by Movie Directors to create special effects for TV and
movies, to make watching movies exciting and truly
• Computers at home are used to play games, listen to music,
and watch movies.
Sports and

TV Station Computerized Games Sports Simulation

Fitness Programs
Arts, Design, and
• Image and graphics design, photo editing, and music arrangements.
• Music and videos are shared online by their creators and can be
downloaded for free or for a fee.

Video Editing Music Recording Drawing

Media and Visual
• Architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture.
• Animation, web design, and mobile designs.
• Photography, film making, audio, and video.
• Computers are used by Animators to create cartoon characters
in movies.
• Characters created by computers look real – for example,
dinosaurs look as if they still exists today. Dangerous and almost
impossible scenes are now possible with state-of-the-art
computer programs run by well-trained artists.
Media and Visual

Animation Movie Character Designing Web Designing

Architectural Designing
Health Services

• Computers in hospitals are used by doctors to store medical

data, patients’ records, research materials, and other
information to effectively diagnose and treat patients.
• Online health information and consultations are now
available on the internet. Sharing of valuable experience and
expertise helps treat patients with rare and serious diseases
• .
Health Services

• Computers in operating rooms assist doctors perform

microsurgery with accuracy and better chances of success.
• Computers are used in hospitals to monitor patients’
condition. These computers send out alarm signals
whenever the patients’ condition becomes critical, so doctors
and nurses can attend to them immediately.
Health Services

• Emails are used extensively to communicate with doctors efficiently. Test

results and diagnoses are sent via the internet.
• With the internet, doctors share experiences and medical data with other
doctors around the globe to research and diagnose patients with greater

Doctors MRI Machine Patient Monitoring Operating Room

Science and
• Modern laboratories have computers used by chemists to invent
materials, medicine, and products to improve life.
• Physicists look for new renewable, safe, and affordable power
sources using computers.
• Mathematicians solve complex problems with the use of super
fast computers.
• Inventors design and test their products in the computer using
simulations to ensure a working model before manufacturing.
Science and

Laboratories Physicist Mathematicians

Chemist Inventor Researcher

Travel and Hotel
• Airline fares and tickets are now paid online; hotels and housing are also
reserved using the Internet, and even ship travels are also booked online.
• Travel routes and maps can be downloaded to your PDAs or print maps to
ensure you will travel faster and not get lost on your trip.
• Computers in airports are used by air traffic controllers to control and
schedule take-off and landing of planes, to ensure safety.
• Computers on airplanes help both military and commercial pilots to fly and
land their airplanes safely and efficiently. They use the computers to know
how far they are from their destination, how high they are, learn the plane’s
condition, and many other information.
Travel and Hotel
• Cars, boats, and other gadgets are equipped with navigational aids
designed to help the travellers reach their destination faster.
• You can book an air ticket or railway tickets and even make hotel
reservations online. Travellers can also browse images of the places they
want to see, and even view the amenities inside the hotel in advance.

Online Tickets Travel Maps Air Traffic Control Pilot’s

Travel and Hotel

Online Hotel
Search & Travel Navigation
Business and
• Computers in groceries are used by cashiers to store prices
of goods, determine inventory of goods, and locate the
goods in the store.
• Computers in offices are used to store daily business deals
and transactions.
• Call Centers use computers to record received or
transmitted large volume of requests by telephone to
administer incoming product support or information inquiries
from consumers or telemarketing.
Business and

Groceries Office Call Center Data Encoders

Medical Transcriptionist Accountants Financial Reports

• Computers in industry are also used to design new and
better machines, test them in the computer before they are
• Some industries are fully automated, meaning all the
processes are being done by robots under computer control
such as in car manufacturing, book publishing, and some
electronic fabrication. This is called Computer Integrated
Manufacturing (CIM).

Computer-Aided Manufacturer Manufacturing Computer Integrated

Manufacturing (CAM) Designing Manufacturing (CIM)
• Almost all of our financial transactions are done by computer
software. They provide ease, security, speed, and convenience.
Banks usually provide remote services to their clients by stalling
Automated Teller Machine (ATM) controlled by a network
computer, which dispenses cash and client information.
• Banks use computers so that people can get and deposit money
any time of the day. They also use computers to record
customers’ account information. Computers help banks do
business away from their location, example of which is the ATM.

Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Bank


• Computerized calculations in the creation of buildings, machines, bridges,

airplane, and radio communications.
• Solve differential equations and advanced numerical algorithms to solve the
equations on high performance computers.
• Software can help simulate data and demonstrate it using statistical graphs,
like a bar chart, table or diagram mode.

Computer Calculation Differential Equations Statistical Graphs

Engineering and

• Architects design houses, buildings and bridges using

Computed Aided Design (CAD) programs which is a lot
faster and presentable.
• Civil Engineers use computers to calculate the strength of
footing and foundations of a building.
Engineering and
• Electrical Engineers design and determine electrical power
requirements of buildings and houses.
• Mechanical Engineers use computers in their work design
and build machineries and vehicles such as cars, boat and
airplanes with better aesthetic, accuracy, and safety.
Engineering and

Computer Aided Civil Engineer Electrical Engineer Mechanical Engineer

Design (CAD)
• Computers are used in research, monitoring to improve agriculture, crop,
and animal production, care and management.
• Food Processing and Packaging.

Food Processing & Packaging Agriculture Management

Writing and
• Books, magazines, newspapers, music, and videos are important products
to share. Current information, inspiring and creative stories, great
compositions, entertaining movie, educational books, and a lot more are all
product of publishing.
• Print publishing such as books, newspapers, and magazines are designed
and prepared using powerful desktop computers using drawing, photo
editing, and lay-out programs.
• Videos are edited in powerful and faster computers since videos have
higher memory requirements.
• Books are shared online by their creators and can be downloaded for free,
or for a fee.
Writing and
• Read news using online newspapers, read books using ebooks, research
for materials, and journals online.

Books Online, eBooks & Journals

Online Newspaper
• Computers in government offices are used by Bureau of Internal Revenue
(BIR) to compute taxes of real properties such as homes and buildings.
• The city government are controlled by computers to lessen congestion of
• The National Statistics Office (NSO) uses computers to record the births,
marriages, and death of the country’s citizens. It is also used to record other
valuable personal information.
• The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) records all citizens travelling
abroad. DFA issues computer-generated passports, the latest passports
have barcodes included for faster information retrieval and monitoring.


Traffic Control
Weather Analysis
• There are supercomputers used to analyze and predict the weather of the
day. Data gathered from weather satellites will be calculated by these
computers to give the wind direction, wind velocity, volume of rainfall, and
other important weather information.

Weather Satellites
• Is the global system of interconnected computer
networks that use the Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) to
link billions of devices worldwide. • means of connecting
a computer to any other computer anywhere in the world
via dedicated routers and servers.
• Sometimes called simply "the Net," is a worldwide
system of computer networks - a network of networks in
which users at any one computer can get information
from any other computer
World Wide Web

• The term World Wide Web (WWW) refers to the

collection of public Web sites connected to the Internet
worldwide, together with the client devices such as
computers and cell phones that access its content. For
many years it has become known simply as "the Web.“
• Researcher Tim Berners-Lee led the development of the
World Wide Web in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
Web Page
• Web page is a hypertext document connected to the
World Wide Web. • It is a document that is suitable for
the World Wide Web
• A location connected to the Internet that maintains one
or more pages on the World Wide Web.
• It is a related collection of World Wide Web (WWW) files
that includes a beginning file called a home page.
Web browser
• It displays a web page on a monitor or mobile device • is a software
application for retrieving, presenting, and traversing information resources
on the World Wide Web.
The current
State of ICT
• Web 1.0 is a term coined to differentiate the first stage of
the World Wide Web (WWW) in comparison with the
present stage of the internet technology.
• It is also called “read only web”.
• The web pages were STATIC, meaning you can read
the text and look at the photos but user could not
interact with it to obtain more information.
• Direct comment was not available.
Web 1.0
The current
State of ICT
• Web 2.0 is the evolution of Web 1.0 by adding
DYNAMIC web pages.
• Web 2.0 is the advent of the “read-write” web.
• The user is able to see website differently than others
e.g social networking sites, video sharing sites
• Web 2.0 allows users to interact with the page, the user
may be able to comment or create a user account
• Most website the we visit today are Web 2.0
Web 2.0
The current
State of ICT
• As the user interacts of responds, contributes and
collaborates on the web, the context of the search of the
user is processed by a programming languages to help
the user by presenting options of what the person is
interest in.
• The aim of web 3.0 is to have is to have machines or
servers understand the user’s preferences to be able to
deliver web content specifically targeting the user.
• Also called the “read-write-execute web”.
Web 3.0
Trends in ICT
• Technological Convergence is when two or more technologies are
come together.
 Smartphone's – it provides functionality of various individual separate and
different devices now available in one gear. It can function as a telephone,
camera, radio, TV, and gaming console.
 Tablet computer – it allows the use of its monitor as a game console, video
and or radio playback, displays photos, browse websites, and stream
various applications and data from the internet.
 Internet – is the most important example as almost all types of
entertainment (books, Movies, Games, etc) are all available online.
Trends in ICT
• Social Media - is a website, application, or online channel that enables web
users to create, co-create, discuss, modify, and exchange user-generated
Linked in
You Tube
Trends in ICT
• Mobile Technologies - popularity of smartphones and tablets. Latest
mobile devices use 4G Networking LTE, which is currently the fastest
mobile network. Mobile devices use different operating systems.

Windows Phone OS
Symbian Web
Windows Mobile
Trends in ICT
• Assistive Media - is a nonprofit internet-based reading service designed to
help people who have visual and reading impartments. A database of audio
recordings is used to read to the user.
Activity 1

Composed an insightful reflection paper on

the nature of ICT in the context of your life,
society, and professional tracts like Arts,
Sports or Academic.