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Character Archetype in

“Suck Seed” & “Yowis Ben”

by Using Archetypal

Aisyah Dewi Suciati

Comparison between Suck Seed
& Yowis Ben Movie

Suck Seed Yowis Ben

Tell a story about friendship Tell a story about Bayu, Doni,
between Ped, Koong, and Ex. Nando and Yayan that form a
Koong form a band to get band to show their ability and
attention from Ern, a girl that quality. Then, Bayu fall in love
he likes. Koong doesn’t know with Susan, which causing a
that Ped likes her first since distraction to the band
they were in elementary practice. Doni involved in a
school. They fight and disperse fight with Bayu and desperate
the band. At the end, they the band. But after that Bayu
realized that their friendship realized their friendship is the
more than anything, and important one for him.
continue the band with Ern.
Archetypal Criticism
Archetypal criticism shares a common root with
psychological criticism in that both deal with the
recesses of the human mind. Carl Jung stated that
humankind has a collective unconscious which
contains these archetypes and that is common to
all of humanity. It is ignoring intertextual elements
and in approaching the text as if it existed in a
The analysis using the recognize of the story pattern
at least from the source that we have read or seen.
We know how to form assumptions and
expectations, so surely meaning cannot exist solely
on the page of a work.
Archetypal Analysis

Archetypal is something that reoccurs in

literature and art, can be a symbol, theme,
setting or character. It assumes that there is
a collection of symbols, images, motifs and
characters that evotes basically the same
response in all people..
This analysis only focus on the character
archetype, as the role model of character in
the literary work.
Common Character Archetype

Always protagonist, encounter and

overcome obstacles to achieve the goal

Female that take a big role in story,

usually along with the hero

Acts as the stand-in for the audience. A

Everyman normal person but also important role
for some reason

Often woman or children. Pure in every Innocent

way. Not stupid, just morally good.
Character Archetype in Suck
Seed & Yowis Ben
Suck Seed Yowis Ben
Ped Bayu
They lead the main story. They are struggling to reach their purpose

Suck Seed Yowis Ben

Ern Susan
The female character that become the purpose of the hero

Suck Seed Yowis Ben

Koong Doni
They are close friends of the hero, one of the main character in the story

Suck Seed Yowis Ben

Ex Yayan
They are the morally good one in the story. Act as a good friends for the hero

▪ The character archetype are suit the characters in

the two movies, Suck Seed and Yowis Ben. Each
role of the character support the flow of the story.
The character occupy their respective position as
the model of the character archetype. That’s what
make the story interesting.