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By: Tamara Syva Pratiwi
Selection of A Way of Life :

With reference to religion


Without refrence to religion

Religion should not be regarded simply as a social
symbol as your home address or citizenship
status that can be changed without serious
implications for the fate of its followers
Religion also can not be perceived as a
personal accessories, used only when
necessary time, and causing serious
effect for the fate of humans if it left
The choice of the one religion will

1. The way of everyday personal life

2. The way people lived in the family

3. The way people lived in the care

of the community, the nation and
the country
Basically Islam gave the Muslims
overall guidance of human life, and
are categorized in two principles,

Aqidah and Syariah

Aqidah is the doctrine of the faith heart:

1. Allah is the god

2. Muhammad Saw is His Messenger
3. Following the Guidance of God will bring success
in world-life and hereafter
4. Leaving God's guidance would be detrimental to
the life of the world-akherat
Syariah is the technical-operational instructions for daily living

Syariah is complete or kaffah, including:

1. Personal care such as religious teachings mahdhah, eating,

drinking, dressing, etc.
2. Teaching of family care such as child-parent relationships,
between neighbors, inheritance, etc
3. Teachings set / manage community-the nation-state, such
as politics, economics, law, social-budaya, defense and
security, etc.
Allah is the Most Intelligent Substance, which has created everything
out of nothing, as his word:

“He created the heavens and the earth in six days (6 certain period).
Then he sits on top arsyi,...” (QS. AL-Hadid:4)

The last verse indicates that it is God the creator of heaven and earth,
including the life in it, and is not true when people say that life exists by

The world is only a trick from Allah to test His servants. It

turned out that life-world is one of the stages of life, leading
to another reality that is the real life is in the hereafter,
heaven or hell.
So, basically we live in this world to do good things, obey the rules of Allah
and avoid His ban. Because in the end, we live in this world to save and
build a happy life in the hereafter. Therefore, while we are still living in this
world, keep doing good, always devoted to Allah, and do not forget to
establish the prayer.
We don’t know when will we face the death, so we must to prepare it well.