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The Secret World

Inside You
An Interactive Exhibit for All Ages
Frost Museum of Science
June 1 – September 30, 2019
 Provides educational opportunities for youth of all ages.
 Promotes increased number of visitors to the Frost Museum
of Science for this and future events.
 Incentivizes visitors to come to the Historic Overtown.
 Promotes cooperation between Frost Museum of Science
and other Overtown businesses to increase visitation.
 Difficulty gaining public interest into Science-driven exhibits.
 Cost and parking in crowded section near downtown Miami may deter visitors.
 Despite historic designation, crime can be a problem within Overtown.
 Most visitors from northern states have returned home by dates of event.
 Residents throughout downtown and suburban Miami –
especially those with grade school-aged children.
 Those who work within the Science community, drawing
interest due to their affinity for the subject matter.
 Remaining vacationers, including snow birds, who have yet to
return to their northern homes.

 Business owners throughout the Historic Overtown who seek cross-support for one another.
 Miami city officials, including convention bureaus and Chamber of Commerce personnel, who can
utilize this event to promote increased visitors to Miami.
 Promote the idea of learning Science as an enjoyable, hands-on
experience, while increasing interest in this subject matter.
 Utilize exhibit to showcase numerous additional events the
museum is holding both now and in the immediate future.
 Increase the level of positive parent-child interaction within an
environment in which all can learn.
 Gain increased notoriety within local newspapers, television, and
radio outlets as well as within Chamber of Commerce publications.
 Utilize all available media resources to promote
learning activities for children of all ages and
enjoyment that can be had for entire families.
 Connect with business owners within the Historic
Overtown section of Miami to cross-promote
events such as new exhibits at the Frost Museum
of Science.
 Increase billboard and signage within other
sections of Miami to promote increased knowledge of new exhibit as well as other events that
occur in Overtown.
 To effectively evaluate the exhibit’s success, Frost Museum of
Science will continue policy of recording number of calls
requesting information about, “The Secret World Inside You”
exhibit and compare with previous exhibit totals.
 Most accurate determination of success will be calculating
number of visitors during exhibit’s run against those from: Other
exhibits, times when no exhibits are being promoted, and the
same months from 2018.
 Provide visitors with quick, easy-to-complete survey to learn their exhibit likes/dislikes and the
center as a whole.
 Document number of visitors to Frost Museum of Science website and Facebook pages to calculate
any increase as well as scan social media for posts/photos regarding exhibit.