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All About teaching: methods,

techniques, strategies
Creative Teaching Technique
Magic Square - a game which is
used in recitation
Strategy Bingo - a
gambling game in which
each of the several players
has a card with numbers to
be marked off as they
Crossword Puzzle -
searching concealed words
in a grid of letters called
diagram plays it
Picture Puzzle - a game
aimed to stimulate the
Spider Web -
educational game with the
use of ball string
Fall-out Shelter -
exercise of decision making
Tele-Lecture - a kind of
strategy for class recitation,
you will use telephone as an
instructional material
Values Clarification
Strategy - used to
encourage individual to
consider more thoroughly
what they value, what they
want out of life or what type of
person they want to become
Value Voting - One of the creative
teaching approach which is an
effective technique to motivate the
students and this simply done by
voting. This technique is used to
encourage individuals to consider
more thoughtfully what they value,
what they want out of life or what type
of person they want to become
Rank Order - a method
of arranging. Rank people,
places, activities, or values
in order of importance.
Applies to conducting a
group analysis
Informance - also called
“lecture com-performance”.
This is a strategy when the
lecturer informs and
Panel Discussion - direct,
conversional interaction
discussion among a small
group of experts, or well
informed by person
Symposium - more formal
than panel and essentially a
public speaking program. Like
he panel, it is used to give an
audience pertinent
information about a topic to
consider the relative merits of
various solutions to a
controversial problem
Team Teaching - an
approach that involves two
or more teachers who work
cooperatively with same
group of students for some
period of time
Discussion Procedure -
it is an attempt to get away
from the traditional
classroom procedure of the
question-and-answer and
recitation style
Loop a Word - made by
curved line crossing itself,
similar rounded shape in
cord or scope crossed on
itself railway line
Circular Response - a
decision technique that
gives very member a chance
top talk about the topic or
problems presented
Word Association - link
to nearest idea of meaning
Sentence Completion -
used to complete the
Conscience talk - it
involves of one’s conscience
or evaluation
Group Investigation - a
group of learners of
common interests in the
students and a process of
learning to achieve through
a group of effort
Learning Together - this
emphasize cooperative effort.
Specifically this strategy
develops positive
interdependence, face to face
infraction, individual
accountability, social skills and
Debate Forum - occurs
when people with different
belief study the same
problems and arrive at
different conclusions
Interview - a form of
communication towards
aiding, guiding or
understanding the
individual usually in face to
face encounters
Laboratory Method -
used to designate a teaching
procedure that uses
experimentation with
apparatus to discover or verify
facts and to study scientific
Expository Method -
used as a great deal in the
lower grades as there is
much that needs explaining
Moisoniaan Teaching /
Unit Method - a method
often used in the teaching
of Geography History,
Government and
Brain Trust - a small
group of student are
given a particular topic or
Survey - a set of
questionnaire is being
Unified Differentiated
Activities Technique -
several activities are given like
reading articles, making
posters, slogan writing essay
and poems, envying a resource
speaker and conducting a
symposium forum
Team Games
Tournament - games
like, Bingo, Basketball,
Volleyball, Softball or
Quiz Bee
Problem Solving Method
- several problems are
presented. It is done in
classroom work or can be
assigned for the other day
Inductive Method
- Starts with the study of specific
cases and ends with a generalization of
rule. A discovery method calls
attention to distinct but related details
that lead to the formation of
conclusion, definition, rule, or
Value: the learner gains knowledge
through his own activity
Type-Study Method
- Closely akin to inductive
method except that only one
case is studied. A typical case
is taken for detailed
Value: its simplicity/arouses
keen interest since the
tenderness to emphasize
details makes work concrete.
Problem Method
- Purposeful activity that
will remove a difficulty or
perplexity through a process of
Value: child learns to tackle
difficulties met
Project Method
- A self directing activity
involving the use of concrete
Value: Encourage creativity.
Furnishes a child with a hobby
and develops initiatives and
Demonstration or Showing
- The telling-or-showing
method., students learn by
seeing and then imitating with
the teacher as the model
Value: faster learning process,
all that the students do is
follow what is told or shown.
Deductive Method
- A process form reasoning from
the general to the particular. It starts
with a rule that is applied to specific
cases for the purpose of testing,
illustrating or developing the problem
to which it applies.
Value: remedies or overcome students
tendency to jump to conclusions until
the truth is proven or analysis is
Lecture Method
- A procedure for clarifying
or explaining a major idea cast
in the form of a question or
problem. Holds an important
place in the teacher-centered
traditional school
Value: trains students to listen