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Diagnostic Test:

Travel Services
A. Multiple Choice Direction: Read the
statements carefully and write the letter of your
best choice in your answer sheet.
• 1. This means to be innovative, to have an edge
over the other competitors
• a. people skills
• b. creativity
• c. profit oriented
• d. discipline
• 2. This is a meaningful and unforgettable statement that captures the
essence of your brand.
• a. Product Naming
• b. Unique Selling Proposition
• c. Branding
• d. Tagline

• 3. Refers to a skill in strategic thinking and setting of goals

• a. decision making
• b. hardworking
• c. planning
• d. self-confidence
• 4. In this stage, the needs of the target market are identified, reviewed and
• a. Concept Development
• b. Economic Analysis
• c. Project Development
• d. Refine Specification

• 5. This is generated by examining what goods and services are sold outside by
the community.
• a. Business Creation
• b. Business Pricing
• c. Business Concept
• d. Business Idea
• 6. The government agency that has the authority to regulate, supervise, and
license all tourism sub-sectors
• a. Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG)
• b. Department of Tourism (DOT)
• c. Philippine Tourism Authority (PTA)
• d. Philippine National Police (PNP)

• 7. This kind of tourist destination will surely bring relaxation and relieve
stress to the visitors during their spear time. Some of which are the theme
park, casino, fitness center, and spa center
• a. Entertainment
• b. Shopping
• c. Recreation
• d. Education
• 8. The company that offers travel services by sea
• a. Sulpicio Lines
• b. Victory Liner
• c. Cebu Pacific
• d. PAL Express

• 9. As stipulated in the law, travel agencies have the right to collect

commission from the travel producers/vendor of about 10 t0 15% of the
product selling price which pertains to
• a. Rate-minus
• b. Net-plus
• c. Cost-plus
• d. Rate-cost
• 10. Travel Management Company (TMC) performs the following role in the
travel distribution cycle, except
• a. As retailer
• b. As product producer
• c. As counselor
• d. As profit earner

11. Type of business entity organized by two or more individuals who agree
to share responsibilities with regard to business management and finances.
a. Sole proprietorship
b. Cooperative
c. Corporation
d. Partnership
• 12. This TMC department segment will benefit when the marketing plans
are effectively delivered to the consuming public.
• a. Personnel
• b. Sales
• c. Accounting
• d. Operations
• 13. It is described as that which motivates travelers to visit places is the
recognition they receive from locals because of their distinguished social
status, achievement, education, and good reputation.
• a. Interpersonal motive
• b. Cultural motive
• c. Status and prestige
• d. Physical motive
• 14. Clients who have not yet established their own family have the greater
tendency to avail of travel packages. The basis for this travel motivator is
• a. Gender
• b. Civil Status
• c. Education
• d. Budget

• 15. An example of lodging establishment

• a. Shopping mall
• b. Cafeteria
• c. R&E Transport
• d. Apartel
• 16. The type of tourism Aling Nenita does when visiting various churches in
Luzon during the Lenten season.
• a. Historical tourism
• b. Religious tourism
• c. Eco-tourism
• d. Cultural tourism

• 17. A kind of traveler who is willing to pay more for as long as the best travel
services will be given to him
• a. Regular traveler
• b. Budget traveler
• c. High-end traveler
• d. Corporate traveler
• 18. The part of the Philippine map that defines all symbols, colors, and other
markings used in the illustration.
• a. Label
• b. Scale
• c. Title
• d. Legend

• 19. Pertains to water passage between lands.

• a. Strait
• b. Fjords
• c. Bay
• d. Gulf
• 20. Russia is part of this continental land area.
• a. South America
• b. Middle East
• c. Europe
• d. Africa

• 21.The continent land area where you can find nature’s wonder, the “Great
Barrier Reef”
• a. North America
• b. South America
• c. Oceania
• d. Asia
• 22. Below are the typical functions of a Computerized Reservation System
(CRS), except
• a. Confirm seat availability information
• b. Cancel existing reservations
• c. Provide reservation information
• d. Sell tickets for multiple airlines

• 23. This refers to Worldspan’s pre-ticketing fare tool that protects airline
against incorrectly priced or reissued tickets.
• a. Worldspan FareSource
• b. Worldspan SecuRate Air
• c. Travelport Rapid Reprice
• d. Travelport FareVerified
• 24. Which of these is not a Global Distribution System?
• a. Amadeus
• b. Galileo
• c. Experia
• d. Sabre

• 25. What Department of Tourism office formulates the tourism standards,

approves the construction of tourism establishments, and accredits the
operations of travel agencies?
• a. Planning, Product Development and Coordination
• b. Tourism Promotions
• c. Tourism Services and Regional Offices
• d. Internal Services
• 26. The complete record of all requirements of the passenger, and provides a
history of actions taken, confirmation, option dates, and relevant
• a. Booking Card
• b. Itinerary Card
• c. Passport
• d. None of the Above
• 27. This is the flight schedule requested to be included in the client’s
• a. Flight Itinerary
• b. Estimated Time of Arrival
• c. Estimated Time of Departure
• d. Passenger’s Number Record
• 28. The name of a flight that operates between two cities and makes a
change online or interline in one or more cities en route
• a. Non-stop Flight
• b. Direct Flight
• c. Connecting Flight
• d. Change of Gauge/ Equipment Flight

• 29. Contains flights of all airlines between a specific city pair for a one-week
• a. Schedule Display
• b. Time-Table Display
• c. Flight Information
• d. Airtime Access Levels
• 30. A term that refers to coming together of a group of people with similar
interests to accomplish some predetermined goals or purposes
• a. Meetings
• b. Seminars
• c. Workshops
• d. Incentives

• 31. This is a group meeting devoted to analyze solutions of concrete

problems, or to acquire specific skills or knowledge in a particular field
• a. Clinic
• b. Retreat
• c. Conclave
• d. Assembly
• 32. The name of a body of students meeting regularly to study the same
• a. Class
• b. Clinic
• c. Press Conference
• d. Panel

• 33. This refers to any private meeting or secret assembly that is held to elect
a new pope. It may also be applied in the boardroom of a corporation, when
the directors meet in secret to discuss a possible hostile takeover
• a. Clinic
• b. Retreat
• c. Conclave
• d. Assembly
• 34. Refers to those travelers of executive rank, such as directors, assistant
and executive vice presidents, presidents, chairperson and the like, traveling
to represent the company in events overseas, or to attend corporate affairs
in a multinational setting
• a. Mariners
• b. Corporate Executives
• c. Business persons
• d. Land-based overseas workers

• 35. Refers to the cheapest class of service, featuring upholstered benches on

each side which can sit up to three people
• a. Executive Sleeper Class
• b. Family Sleeper Class
• c. Deluxe Class
• d. Economic Class
• 36. This flight class has air-conditioned reclining chairs, two on each side of
the cabin.
• a. Executive Sleeper Class
• b. Family Sleeper Class
• c. Deluxe Class
• d. Economic Class

• 37. The largest interisland shipping company in the Philippines today, that
operates the “Sail Away” inclusive tour packages
• a. Super Ferry
• c. Sun Cruises
• d. Star Cruises
• 38. The other name for Line MRT-3
• a. Blue Line
• b. Red Line
• c. Yellow Line
• d. Purple Line

• 39. Refers to sightseeing tours with other individual on a first-come-
firstaccommodated basis, on schedule departures.
• a. Seat-in-coach
• b. Private Tours
• c. Escorted Tours
• d. Sightseeing Tours
• 40. Refers to a retail business that sells travel products and services to
customers on behalf of suppliers
• a. Travel Agency
• b. Retail Agency
• c. Product Agency
• d. Suppliers Agency
• 41. The name of the card that provides health and accident security
overseas in a manner that the host country handles all the necessary
requirements a traveler may have.
• a. Tour Card
• b. Multipurpose Card
• c. Assist Card
• d. Departure Card
• 42. The meaning of AITA
• a. International Air Transportation Association
• b. Interrelated Air Transportation Association
• c. Interrupted Air Transportation Association
• d. Intermission Air Transportation Association

• 43.The meaning of ADM

• a. Agency Debris Memo
• b. Agency Debit Memo
• c. Agency Detour Memo
• d. Agency Dire Memo
• 44. Characterized as a Retailer because it normally transacts business and
sells directly only to the traveler.
• a. TMC/ Travel Agency
• b. TTMC/ Travel Agency
• c. AITA/ Travel Agency
• d. BSP/Travel Agency

• 45. What is the meaning of GDS?

• a. Global Distribution System
• b. Gather Data System
• c. General Display System
• d. Gate Delivery System
• 46. A publication of the Reed Travel group which offers a comprehensive
listing of hotels worldwide
• a. Resort and Travel Index
• b. Hotel and Travel Index
• c. Reed Travel Index
• d. Comprehensive Hotels and Reed Travel Index

• 47. It brings its unique style to the sea with its ships named Disney Magic
and Disney Wonder
• a. Super Disney Ferry
• b. Land Cruise
• c. Disney Cruise Line
• d. Princess Cruise
• 48. It refers to a special travel arrangement for pilgrims, students, and any
other form of travel that does not fall under the previous category.
• a. Ad Hoc
• b. Ad Coalium
• c. Ad Initio
• d. Prima Facie

• 49. The other name for Line MRT-2

• a. Blue Line
• b. Red Line
• c. Yellow Line
• d. Purple Line
• 50. The feature of a flight class with individual air-
conditioned cabins.
• a. Executive Sleeper Class
• b. Family Sleeper Class
• c. Deluxe Class
• d. Economic Class