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Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease caused by
Neisseria gonorrhoeae that infect the inner lining of the
urethra , cervix , rectum and throat or white part of the eye (
conjunctiva ) . Gonorrhea can spread through the
bloodstream to other parts of the body , especially the skin
and joints . In women , gonorrhea can rise to the genital tract
and infect the lining in the pelvis causing pelvic pain and
reproductive problems . The main cause of this disease is the
bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoeae.
 Signs and Sympotoms
Symptoms usually appear in male patients within 2-7 days after
infection . Initially the patient was unwell on the urethra , which is
then followed by a few hours of pain when urinating and pus discharge
from the penis . Patients often feel the urge to urinate and urinate ,
which gets worse as the disease spreads to the upper urethra . Hole
penis looks red and swollen . In the female patients , the initial
symptoms may occur within 7-21 days after infection . Female patients
often have no symptoms for several weeks or months , and are known
to suffer from this disease only after infected sexual partners . If
symptoms develop , usually mild . But some people with severe
symptoms , such as urgency to urinate , pain when urinating , vaginal
discharge and fever .
Women and gay men who have sex through the anus ( anus ) can suffer
from gonorrhea in the rectum . Patient felt uncomfortable around her
anus and discharge from the rectum . The area around the anus looks
red and rough , stool covered with mucus and pus .
 Other Signs and Symptoms :
Symptoms can include :
- Frequent urination and pain
- Anus itching , pain and bleeding
- An abnormal vaginal discharge
- Abnormal vaginal bleeding during or after sexual intercourse or
between menstrual periods
- Itchy genitals
- Irregular menstrual bleeding
- Stomach feels sore bottom
- Irregular menstrual bleeding
- Swollen glands and pain in the opening of the vagina ( Bartholin
glands )
- Sexual intercourse is painful
- That rarely happens , sore throat and infectious eye disease
Symptoms can include :
- Fluid abnormal penis ( looks like milk at first , then yellow ,
soft , and excessive , sometimes blood bluish )
- Frequent urination and pain
- Anus itching , pain and bleeding
- That rarely happens , sore throat and infectious eye disease
Transmission of Neisseria bacteria gonorhoeae in adults
, most importantly through sexual contact . Risk of
contracting the disease caused by this bacterium is increased
in people who frequently changing sexual partners , such as
women or men PSK consumers . While transmission through
direct contact with the birth canal mucosa is common in
infants born to infected mothers.
Prevention and control

Effective prevention is the safer sex, which is faithful to one

partner legitimate, not changing sexual partners, use condoms
when having sexual intercourse with a person / couple who are at
high risk, such as female sex workers. Reduction of female sex
workers localization should also be made to have one source of
disease transmission can be disconnected. There should also be
done premarital counseling, early screening of the bride and
groom to the presence of STDs including gonorrhe.
 Treatment of gonorrhea usually with a single injection of
ceftriaxone intramuscularly (into the muscle) or by giving
antibiotics by mouth (orally) for 1 week (usually given
doxycycline). If gonorrhea has spread through the bloodstream,
the patient is usually hospitalized and receive antibiotics
intravenously (through a vein, infusion.).Drug treatment for
gonorrhea due to PPNG strains increased (penicillinase Producing
N. gonorrhoeae) is to use a class of antibiotics quinolones,
Spektinomisin, Kanamycin, Tiamfenikol and Sefalosphorin. Arise
due to the rapid resistance to antibiotics is higher then gonorrhea
treatment with penicillin and its derivatives as well as the class of
quinolones should be reviewed effectiveness.