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Clap films

 R. Abdul Salmaan
 Sithiq Ganni.S
 Nitish kumar
 Sabarish
Clap film is the
company where we
produce movies,
web series and
other stuff related
to media. We
mainly focus on
promotion and
 We have our own youtube page, where we will promote our
projects and we also have tie ups with various other pages.
 Tie ups with pages hepls in easy promotion.
 Separate studios for vfx, sfx and dubbing.
 Pricing will be according to the customers preferances
 Monthly competitons will be held, so that the young talents
can get the opportunities.
 Since we have tie ups with other pages there would be no
other extra charges.
 Total investment cost 10 crs
 Total number of employees 50.
 All the employees are categorised in various department
such as promotion, production, advertisement, vfx , sfx
 Various equipments and software have been purchased.
 Movie Promotions through various sectors like ( Insta ,
Twitter , Facebook, Youtube. )

 We have target audience upto 10 million out of this channel.

 We have some portfolios for the movie we promoted (Mersal

, Kaala , Gajinikanth , Petta )
 Various other short film and web series have been produced
by us (kolaru Episode,Kalavum Kalavu Pogum, Vivasayam ana
mayam )…….
Digital Partners
 Instagram :
* Filmyfriday ( 2M followers)
* chennaiappatakars ( 1.5M followers)
* Mokkapostu ( 2M followers ) Rs-10k
 Facebook :
* AKTV meme's ( 3M followers)
* Chennaimeme's ( 1M followers)
* Cini meme ( 50k followers) Rs-15k
Digital Partners

 Youtube :
* Promoting movies in the front and end of the
video for 10sec duration through ( Jumpcuts,
Eruma saani , Tamiltalkies ) famous channels .
According to duration – 30s = 10k
 Twitter :
* Ctc Media boy ( 2M followers)
* Cini ulagam ( 1.5M followers) Rs 20k
 Digital Marketing - Social Media Marketing
Creating website
Theatre advertisement
Public banners.
Head Members Involved
 Founder- Nitish kumar (movie promotion)
 Co founder- Sabarish (advertisement)
 Hr Manager - Siddiq Gani ( recruitment)
 Production manager- Abdul salmaan ( line producer)
To be the most admired in the market and should develop
with strong franchising system and great people serving
best around all over India.
 Mission:
To be number one in overall Tamilnadu. Want to
produce and promote more movies in coming years. To
give opportunities to the younger generations.

For youngster, who are craving for opportunity

And for the people who love entertainment.
Age category from 14 to 45.
For now we are planning to be number one in the social media.
A – Clause audience ( upper level)
B – Clause audience (middle level)
C – Clause audience ( lower level)

We make entertainers to entertain our followers.


 Phone : 9875789874
Fax : +122409-3
• Address: No 9, Fiaos plaza,
vadapalani ,chennai 09.