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Human Resource Management

Presented By : Group 8

Nikhil Kawade
Datatraya Shinde
Siddheshwar Solanke
Twinkle Mishra
Prajakta Raut
Charu Sharma
Why Employee Survey Opinion?
• Companies loses ample amount of their budget because of employee
• Disengaged employees impact the business’ productivity, level of
innovation and ultimately the bottom line.
• This could be avoided if the employee is engaged with the
What is engagement?
• An engaged employee, emotionally invests in the success of his/her
organization and brings a certain level of passion, innovation and
commitment to his/her job.
• An engaged employee drives change, delivers results and also
encourages others.

Engaged Improved Satisfied Business

Employees Performance Customer Results
Steps Included In Employee Opinion Survey

1 Define the survey objectives

2 Plan for the Survey

3 Result analysis
10 Categories For Employee Opinion Survey
1. Job Satisfaction
2. Work/Life
3. Job Security
4. My Manager
5. Performance Feedback
6. Equity
7. Recognition
8. Training and Development
9. Teamwork
10. Opportunities for development and career growth
1. Job Satisfaction
• My work gives me a feeling of personal accomplishment
• I find my work challenging.
• The Company's is a good Company to work for
• I am proud to work for the Company.
• My job is enjoyable and challenging
• My job makes good use of my skills and abilities

2. Work/Life
• I am able to balance work priorities with my personal life.
• I have the flexibility to arrange my work schedule to meet my
personal/family responsibilities.
3. Job Security
• I feel I have job security.
• I plan to be working for the Company a year from now.

4. Management/Leadership
• I am satisfied with the way the management team works together.
• The management team provides effective leadership for the organisation.
• The management team works together to create a sense of teamwork and team
• Direction from the management is clear and unambiguous.
• Overall I trust the management team of XYZ company.
5. Performance Feedback
• I know what is expected of me in my job.
• I understand how my performance is appraised.
• I receive constructive feedback about my performance.

6. Equity
• I am treated fairly by my supervisor.
• My manager is fair and even handed in the treatment of all
• My Manager delegates work effectively
• I feel favouritism is not a problem in my department.
7. Recognition
• I am adequately recognized for my good work.
• I am recognized by my manager for my contributions.
• Indicate the extent to which you receive recognition when you do a good

8. Training and Development

• I am given a real opportunity to improve my skills in this Company
• I am given the training I need to do my job effectively
• I participate in training and development opportunities that are available
to me.
• I get the training I need to do a first-class job.
9. Teamwork
• In my work group, we participate in deciding how the work gets done.
• My co-workers and I work well together to accomplish our organization's
• My department works well together to accomplish our organization's

10. Opportunities for development and career growth

• I receive coaching and feedback that supports my career development.
• Hiring and/or job promotions within the organization are fair and