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Pre- assessment:

You will be challenged to dig deeper into your prior knowledge and previous experiences
about computer hardware servicing. This Phase will guide you in assessing yourself by
answering questions and many other types of evaluation for you to further explore the
basics of computer hardware servicing.


Direction: Listed below are some of the most important skills that you must gain in order
to render quality service when you enter the real world of Computer Hardware Servicing.
Read the skills carefully. Then write “Not much”, if you are not really familiar, “A little” and
“A lot”, if you are familiar with the skill. Feel free to answer each skill. Write your answers
in your notebook.
Skills in Computer Hardware Servicing Not Much A little A lot
1. I can open a computer case.
2. I can connect the mouse.
3. I can connect the keyboard.
4. I can connect the monitor.
5. I know how to use the Philip head screw
6. I know how to use the anti- static wrist strap.
7. I know how to use the lint free cloth.
8. I can apply occupational health and safety
precautions while working.
9. I can remove the system fan.
10. I can detach the power supply from the
system unit.
11. I know how to remove the RAM from the
Skills in Computer Hardware Servicing Not Much A little A lot
12. I can remove the hard drive from the system
13. I can install the power supply.
14. I know how to install the motherboard.
15. I can install the internal drives in a system
16. I know how to attach RAM in the memory
17. I can install CD / DVD drives.
Learning Goals and Targets:
After reading the introduction and carefully answering the pre assessment skills
test, you might have ideas of what you will be dealing with in this module. Now prepare
to set your goals and targets for this module by completing the activity below. Write your
answer in your notebook.
My goals are: My targets are:

Target 1
Goal 4
Goal 3
Target 2
Goal 2
Goal 1 Target 3
Computers have become a useful part of our everyday lives. The types of
computers we use at home or at work are referred to by varied names such as
PCs, microcomputers, workstations, laptops and desktops. These computers
are most popularly referred to as “personal computers” or PCs, the most
common type of computer in the world.

Today, an average person uses computer-based assistance several times

each day and it becomes an integral part of our lives. So it is very important to
be aware of and understand them.
Preliminary Activity:

Direction: List five (5) hardware you are familiar with. Write your answer on the
bubbles provided below: