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Navidad, Thea Rosario C.

PI 100
From Dapitan to Manila

* July 31, 1986

- Rizal and Party left Dapitan going
northward on board Espana

*August 1
- at early dawn, they anchored at
-at around 1pm, they left Dumaguete
heading to Cebu
*August 2
- arrived in Cebu
- was fascinated by the
entrance of Cebu which he
considered as “beautiful”
- left Cebu in the morning
of August 3…
*August 4
- landed at Iloilo
-went shopping in the city
and visited the Moro
Rizal Misses Ship Going to Spain

*August 6
- Espana arrived in Manila Bay
- unfortunately, Rizal was not able to
catch the mail ship Isla de Luzon for
Spain because it had departed the
previous day at 5pm
- near midnight that that day, he was
transferred to the Spanish cruiser Castilla
Outbreak of the Revolution

*August 19
-the Katipunan plot to overthrow the
Spanish rule by means of revolution was
discovered by Fr. Gil
-struck terror to the Spanish officials
producing hysteria of vindictive retaliation
Outbreak of the Revolution

*August 26
- cry of Balintawak was raised by Bonifacio
and his valiant Katipuneros

*August 30
- revolutionists led by Bonifacio and Jacinto
attacked San Juan
- After the battle in San Juan, General Blanco
proclaimed a state of war in the first eight
provinces for rising an arms against them

- Rizal learned about the eruption of the

revolution and was worried for two reasons:
*the violent revolution which he sincerely
believed to be premature and would only cause
much suffering
*it would arouse Spanish vengeance against all
Filipino patriots
Departure for Spain
*August 30
-Rizal received from Gov. Gen.
Blanco two letters of introduction for
the ministers of War and Colonies,
with cover letter which absolved him
from all blame for the raging
• September 2
-the day before his departure, he wrote to
his mother
-at 6pm, he was transferred to the steamer
Isla de Panay which was sailing for
Barcelona, Spain

• September 3
– The steamer left Manila bay
– Rizal’s last to Spain began
Rizal in Singapore
- arrived in the evening of September
- the next day, he and other passengers went
a shore for sightseeing and shopping of
- Rizal was urged to stay in Singapore and not
continue his travel to save his life but he refused
to because he had given his word of honor to
Blanco and didn’t like to break it.