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By: Michael Muniz

• During my career in teaching, I know

that I will be put in certain situations
where I will need to display certain
techniques to gain the attention of my
classroom. Classroom Management in
particular will be something that I will
have to master because it absolutely
sets the foundations for a successful
classroom and school year.
• Classroom management allows for effective teaching because we create
routines and expectations that make it easier for us teachers to conduct
lessons. Also, classroom management helps with using time effectively
because we spend less time disciplining and more time teaching. Our
students want their teachers to “think like a kid, but act like an adult”
according to Azul Terronez who is a teacher and TED Talk speaker. This
makes the students feel safe and that they can trust their teachers. The
three Classroom management strategies that I feel will help me the most in
my teaching career will be Student Engagement, Classroom Rules, and
Students jobs.
Student Engagement will be a key to success in my
classroom. I want all my students to be active listeners
as well as active participants. This will allow me to
conduct lesson while gaining the interest of my
students and having them engage in classroom
discussions about various topics with not only myself
but with groups of other students. With strong student
engagement, my students will enjoy class more, and
cooperate with rules and expectations of my
classroom. Student Engagement works by delivering
a lesson that is interesting and worth investigating to
my students. Group collaboration, hands on learning,
and visual representations of realia will allow for the
engagement to take place.
Classroom rules will also be key to success in my classroom
management. Before I even meet my students, I should have
a set of classroom rules that I will be consistent with and that
the students will be very familiar with. Establishing rules will help
to generate a more safe and cooperative classroom because
all students will be held accountable for the same set of rules.
Classroom rules can be very basic to more complex, but my
rules will consist of both, which are respect the teacher,
classmates and yourself, silent voices when teacher is talking,
hands and feet to yourself, be prepared and honest, and have
fun, smile and be honest. I will also have these set of rules
established and printed out to deliver to my parents so that
they know what to expect before they come into my
.” I believe that all my students have qualities that will help
shape who they will become in their lives, and allowing
them to feel appreciated can take place when teachers
give them jobs and roles in the classroom. Students can
play a role in helping in the classroom in many ways
including answering the classroom phone, pacing out
papers, line leaders, student messengers to different
classrooms, paper and book collectors and many other
creative jobs for students to perform. Reasons for this is to
build confidence, motivation and drive in the students.
When the students perform their jobs, they feel wanted and
important, and when you follow up with praise after the job
is done, they feel exceptional about themselves. Students
will also build the respect of the teacher because with
praise and acknowledgment of their good job, they feel
safe and expected by the teacher.
The main goal of establishing consistent classroom management strategies is to reduce misbehavior
in the classroom. If we are effective in the way we establish our strategies, our students will not
misbehave and will work hard for us. Expectations must be clearly explained as well so that our
students understand what to expect. I believe that the three strategies I choose will absolutely
benefit me in the future because they will help build trust in the students and I. Student
Engagement, Classroom Rules, and Students jobs will be the three strategies that are proven to be
effective and that I will carry with me until the day I retire.

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