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All About Salesforce Lightning

The next-generation user interface within Salesforce

Salesforce Lightning Architecture

Salesforce Lightning has a component-based

architecture where marks-up helps to load
records into lightning components and it can
be modified or deleted quickly based on the

This is clear from the diagram that LDS has a

built-in recorded cache to read queries and
optimizes database interactions more

The frequently used components are stored in

the cache so that they can be loaded
quickly by Lightning developers as per the
Salesforce Lightning Introduction

Salesforce Lightning is the next generation platform to boost the overall productivity of businesses and aimed at
enhanced user-experiences. Initially, the Lightning platform was introduced to lay down the framework for
Salesforce1 mobile apps. Soon, the capabilities of the platform were brought to the desktop and it results in
interactive User interfaces today across all the devices.

The out-of-the-box Lighting development undertaken by the Salesforce has given a new set of opportunities to the
CRM users. Some of the highlights of the Lightning platform includes – more satisfied customers, modern user-
experiences, and also bridging the gap between customers and organizations.

Bridging gap among

More satisfied customers Modern user-experiences
customers and organizations
How user-experiences are improved
with Salesforce Lightning
Today, we live in a customer dominated economy where CRM systems play an important in maintaining the growth of a business.
This is a challenge to deliver interactive user-experiences that bridge gaps the between potential customers and businesses and
help to achieve required customer excellence.

Here, the role of Salesforce Lightning platform comes into play that helps to retain existing customers and generates fresh leads
too. It helps enterprises to market product much faster and provides users a smarter customer experience as expected by the
leading businesses.

Salesforce Lightning framework helps to launch new apps quickly to cater wide customer demands.

Salesforce framework makes sure that Lightning stays updated as per current industry standards by delivering quick
enhancements and extensions.

The success of any framework depends on its accommodating capabilities of rapid changes and evolving market trends.
Salesforce Lightning framework works in the same direction and it is considered as future of CRM industry for lightning component
A Deep Dive into Lightning Platform Capabilities

 Lightning is the future of Salesforce

that represents entirely new abilities to
build user-friendly apps for different
•Lightning APP Builder
platforms, devices, or contexts. •Lightning Data Services
 To realize the actual benefits of the
Lightning technology, you need to •Locker Service
understand each piece of the Salesforce •Lightning Component Framework
platform deeply. Lightning •Lightning Bolt
 The deep understanding of the •App Exchange for Components
platform will help you to design your • Design System
path to excellence with Salesforce •Lightning Out
Lightning Data Services.

Lightning Experience This is the heart of lightning platform that purely emphasis on delivering improved user-
experiences with notable enhancements. This is the modern technology that optimizes any
interface for speed. It ensures completely redefined home interface with enhanced
workspaces, dashboards and other navigation features.

The objective of the framework is to design reusable components and customized apps
Lightning Framework
with incredible lightning features. This is the engine of platform powers all other features in
the Salesforce Lightning. It allows a single component to configure in multiple ways to
enhance the overall reusability and assure declarative customizations for the customers.

This is a drag-drop technology to ease the process of app customization and app building.
Traditionally, app creation was a time-consuming process generally restricts organizations
Lightning App Builder
to meet customer needs in a timely fashion. Lightning App Builder is a user-friendly tool that
helps people in app-building even if they belong to the non-technical background. This
technology leads trailblazing productivity than ever it was done in past.

Lightning Out

•This is a most innovative style to access data even outside of Salesforce servers. Take an example
where you want to access data from third-party web application SharePoint. Lightning Out technology
enables you to obtain desired information from third-party apps without Login to Salesforce server. This
was an essential requirement by organizations where data access is not just limited to Salesforce servers

App Exchange for the component

• This is a unified marketplace where third-party vendors can distribute or sell their components while businesses
can buy the same components that were not available in Salesforce.

Lightning Bolt

• This is a platform where organizations can build Lightning–based community templates that are 100 percent
compatible with Lightning components and bring maximum benefits to the community users. The creation of
community portal and integration for the same is much easier for quick deployment of community templates.
You can design theme based templates as per your requirements by just drag and drop style development.

Lightning Data
Design System Locker Services

•The design system contains plenty •Salesforce Lightning Data Services •Any new technology released in
of CSS frameworks, UX guidelines, (LDS) helps to interact with the market cannot be ranked
and design specifications that are database faster without any need higher if it does not have the strict
helpful in building Lightning of APEX methods. Most security principles. The Salesforce
components and Lightning apps. importantly, it promotes the Lightning platform works in the
All the pieces prepared with designing of a robust User- same direction. It addresses the
design system are consistent in Interface to support the customer security needs effectively with a
look and feel. They just look pixel excellence that is taken as the guarantee of optimal
perfect in terms of colors, sizes, primary requirement for any performance and maximum
dimensions etc. business worldwide. protection from the cyber-
How Lightning Platform improves upon Visualforce?
Best Practices for implementing Salesforce Lightning

Encourage user- approach to
adoption and the achieve
Focus on excellence
awareness and
Define the UX understanding
vision and the

Stage 1 – Define the UX vision and the goals

The objective of the first stage is to define UX objectives and the goals more clearly
and how they can help some business in delivering more robust user-experiences.
Here, are the steps included when defining UX vision and the goals-

•List the gap among users and the business (Pilot group analysis).
•Plan a desired business impact and strategy
•List the important key success matrices
•Define the possible UX objectives/goals
•Performing readiness check for Lightning platform and
•Assessing readiness check report on the regular basis.

Stage 2 – Awareness and Understanding

The objective of this stage is to garner excitement for upcoming changes

among users and ensure confidence that development team knows what they
actually needed. Here, are the steps included when defining awareness and
understanding of the platform.

1. Identify the high business impact in a pilot program.

2. Identify the related use-cases and convert them to the Lightning components as per
the users’ feedback.
3. Take the feedback from users and identify technical pitfalls for the same.
Continued ..

Stage 3 – Encourage User-Adoption and Process integration

The stage aims at helping users feel confident in the new system environment and
rolls out the best technique to migrate the new platform. Here, are the steps
included to encourage the user-adoption and the process integration.

 The user-engagement can be enabled through interactive learning sessions.

 Hands-on exercises
 Maintaining continuous access to resources through Lightning experience information tabs
 Reusing and maintaining custom components in ‘Component Library’.

Stage 4 – Business-centric engagement approach

The stage aims at achieving excellence by adopting best business-centric

management approach. Now, more robust customer experiences can be
delivered that was never done earlier. Here are the necessary steps to manage
the business engagement in a more unified way.

 Check the status of UX objectives/goals.

 Check the status of process integration either components are migrated well or not.
 Measure the success of key metrics
 Evaluate the usage of the system
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Salesforce Lightning

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