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Evangelism : Made

For A Mission

Text: John 17:18,19 (Message)

Acts 20:24 (NCV)
Juan 17:18,19
“Gipadala ko sila sa
kalibotan sama nga ako
imong gipadala nganhi sa
kalibotan. Ug tungod
kanila gitugyan ko ang
akong kaugalingon nganha
kanimo aron maimo usab
sila ”
Buhat 20:24
“Apan giisip ko ang akong
kinabuhi nga walay bili basta
lamang matapos ko ang
buluhaton nga gihatag sa
Ginoong Jesus kanako nga
mao ang pagsangyaw sa
Maayong Balita sa grasya sa
Jesus said, “In the same way that
You gave me a mission in the world;
Likewise I give them a mission in
the world.” (John17:18)

In Acts 20:24, Apostle Paul

also said, The most important
thing is that I complete my
mission, the work that the Lord
Jesus gave me.”
I. In the Beginning of time God is at
work in the world, and He wants
you to join him. This assignment
is called your mission, and it is
different from your ministry.
* Your ministry is your service to
believers in the body of Christ.
* While your mission is your service to
unbelievers in the world.
God created you for both,
and your life mission is both
shared and specific. One
part of it is a responsibility
you share with every other
Christian, and the other
part is an assignment that is
unique to you.
Our English word ‘mission’ come
from the Latin word for
Being a Christian includes being
sent into the world as
representative of Jesus Christ.
Our Master Jesus Christ said, “As
the Father has sent Me; I am
sending you.”
Brothers and sisters, If we want to
obey the call of God in our lives;
we need to follow in the steps of
the one who was the world’s
greatest missionary-the one who
started it all when He left heaven
for earth. It is essential and
central to what we are talking
about when he was interceding
for us!
It is essential and central to what
we are talking about to hear
Christ when He says, “As the
Father sent Me, so I send you...”
Knowing the way in which Jesus
was sent is the key to knowing
how he send us. Experiencing
how he sends us is what
missionary’s life and work is all
As we delve into these matters,
we will find that we are not
dealing with surface
techniques and methods but
with inner spiritual realities
that should empower all who
seek to save the lost. And we
will try to study the life of our
There are seven steps that Jesus
took to become the Savior of the
world. The process described in
Philippians 2:5-8. The steps are:
1.) Emptiness 5.) Abasement ;
2.) Slavery 6.) Obedience ;
3.) Humanity ; 7.) Suffering
4.) Conformity
The seven steps are:
1. Emptiness - the state of being
nothing. Jesus give up everything
in order to qualify and to finish his
How about us? We need also to give
up everything for the seek of Christ
and the gospel.
The seven steps are:
2. Slavery – ‘kaulipnan’- the state
of being under control of another
person. Jesus consider himself as
a slave in order to finish his task.
How about us? We need also to
become slave to Christ for the
seek of the gospel.
The seven steps are:
3. Humanity – ‘tawhanon’- the
quality of being human. Jesus
become ordinary human being in
order to accomplish his mission.
How about us? We need also to
become a humble or lowly being
in order accomplish our mission.
The seven steps are:
4. Conformity - ‘masinabtunon’
compliance, abidance. Jesus
Christ conform to the will of the
Father in order to accomplish his
How about us? We need also to
conform or abide the will of our
Master to finish our mission.
The seven steps are:
5. Abasement – pagpaubos or
pagkamapaubsanon’- the
state of being humble.
How about us? We need also
to be humble, to conform or
abide to the will of our Master
to finish our mission.
The seven steps are:
6. Obedience – ‘pagsunod’ o
pagsugot – the act of submission.
Jesus Christ become obedience
even to the point of death.
How about us? We need also to
obey the will of our Master, even to
the point of death in order to
accomplish our mission.
7. Suffering – excruciation or a
state of acute pain.(nag-antos sa
kasakit). Jesus Christ suffered
and died, in order to accomplish
the will of the Father, to save
How about us? We need also to
suffered persecution and even to
the point of death. In order to
accomplish our mission.
Brothers/sisters, we do not
understand Jesus, If we think
He is simply a good teacher, a
good example, and a good
man. Jesus’s singular purpose
and mission in life was to die
for sinners.”
Jesus died for you and for me!
The night before He was crucified
Jesus reported to his Father, “I have
brought you glory on earth by
completing the work you gave me to
do.” Will you be able to say that at
the end of your life? It’s what you
we’re created to do and should be
your life goal. (Think and listen He’s
speaking to you!)
Filipos 2:5-7 “Angay ninyong
batonan ang hunahuna nga
gibatonan ni Cristo Jesus nga mao
kini : Bisan siya Dios, wala siya
mamugos nga magpabiling tupong
sa Dios. Hinuon sa Iyang
kaugalingon kabubut-on, gibiyaan
niya kining Iyang katungod ug
nahimong usa ka ulipon. Natawo
siya sama sa kasagarang tawo.”
Filipos 2:8-9
“Nagpaubos siya ug
nagmasinugtanon hangtod sa
kamatayon- bisan sa iyang
kamatayon sa krus. Tungod niini
gituboy siya sa Dios ngadto sa
kinatas-ang dapit sa kalangitan ug
gihatagan siyag ngalan nga labaw
sa tanang ngalan.”
Filipos 2:10,11
“Busa mangluhod ang tanang
binuhat nga atua sa langit, sa
ibabaw sa yuta ug sa ilalom sa
yuta sa pagpasidungog sa ngalan
ni Jesus. Ug ang tanan
magsangyaw nga si Jesu-Cristo
mao ang Ginoo, alang sa himaya
sa Dios nga Amahan.”
Jesus clearly understood His life
mission on earth. At the age of
12 He said, I must be about my
Father’s business.
And after 21years later, dying on
the cross He said, “It is finished!”
Like bookends; these two
statements frame a well-lived, a
purpose-driven life.
The mission that Jesus had while
on earth is now our mission since
we are his body of Christ what
He did in his physical body, we
are continue as His Spiritual body
- the Church.
What is that mission?
Our mission is introducing people
to God!
What is that mission?
Our mission is introducing people
to God!

The Bible says, Christ

changed us from enemies
into friends and gave us the
task of making others his
friends also.
What is that mission?
God wants to redeem human
being from Satan and
reconcile them to himself, so
that we can fulfill the Five
purposes for which we we’re
Five Purposes Of God:
1. To love Him
2. To be a part of His family
3. To become like Him
4. To serve Him
5. To tell others about Him.
Once we are His, God uses us
to reach others for these five
purposes. He saved us and
then sends us out.
The Bible says, “We have been
sent to speak for Christ. We
are the messengers of God’s
love and purposes to the
There are a number of reasons
why we need to take this
mission seriously.
I. Jesus Commands Us To Continue
His mission:
* He calls us not only to ‘come’
to Him. But also to ‘Go’ for
Your mission is so important,
Jesus repeated it five times in
five different ways in five
different Books of the Bible. It is
as if He was saying, I really want
you to get this! We need to study
these five commissions of Jesus and
you’ll learn the details of your
mission on earth –the when , the
where, the why and how.
In one of these instances Jesus
said, “Go to all of the nations
and make them my disciples;
baptize them in the name of
The Father, The Son, and The
Holy Spirit; and teach them to
do everything I have told you…”

This great commission was not

given only to Pastors, but to
Brothers and sisters, These great
commission are not the great
Our mission is mandatory, not
optional. If you are part of
God’s family, Jesus said,
Anyone who let’s himself be
distracted from the work I plan
for him is not fit for the
Kingdom of God.
You may have been unaware that
God holds you responsible for
the unbelievers that live around
us. The Bible says, You must
warn them so they may live. If
we don’t speak out to warn the
wicked to stop their evil ways,
they will die in their sin. God
said, I will hold you responsible
for their death”
According to Smith Wigglesworth,
“God does not call those who
are equipped; He equips those
whom He has called.”
“After all that He has been said,
the greatest and most
important duty is to preach the
Gospel.” (Joseph Smith)
God has given us the freedom to
chose. Are you a ‘Goer’ or a
Reaching the lost beyond our circle of
influence comprises only three
types of Christians:
1.Those who ‘go’
2.Those who ‘send’
3.Those who disobey.
Now, the best we can do is to be a
How can I become a sender?
A.You can pray
1. In your private daily
2. With others who share the
same burden.
B. Ask to become a member of the
local mission team.
C. You can give.
1. Every time we have a mission
2. Decide to give a pre-determined
amount to our church for mission.
3. Calvary demands our best, not
our leftover.
Goers and senders will all receive
the same reward. Jesus said,
“Anyone who receive a prophet,
because he is a prophet will receive a
prophet’s reward, and anyone who
receive a righteous man because he is
a righteous man, will receive
righteous man’s reward.(Mateo
We do no injustice to the Scriptures,
If we insert the word ‘missionary’
thus saying, Anyone who receive a
missionary because he is a
missionary. He will receive a
missionary’s reward. This means if
you are as committed in your sending
as the missionaries are their going,
even though you don’t leave your
own country, you will receive the